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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

[SS-324] Divorcee Beach


After the divorce papers were completed, you immediately book a vacation for yourself. You purchase the first package that you search on the net.

Three days after, you arrive at the beach. You get out of your car and feel the hot sunlight touching you. You pull off your shirt. It feels liberating to be away from your sexually frigid wife. 

You look down on your exposed torso and peer at the mass and the cuts of your muscles. It is a shame that your ex wife did not respond to you sexually in bed as much as you wanted to.

But now that you are single again, you are looking forward to the cycle of swooning, sexing and leaving ladies. You are excited to score some in this resort.

A man in Hawaiian shirt and shorts comes to you and offers you wine and a glass. You take it and thank him. You sip and ask, "I just came from a divorce. I am so excited to just get laid tonight."

The man smirked, "well you came to the right place, Sir, this is indeed a place of sexual freedom.”

After a few more small talks, he shows you your cottage. You decide to take a short nap.

Upon waking up, you quickly shower and change to your baggy board shorts. You spray cologne on your body and put sunscreen on your skin. You are ready to play.

You find the populated area of the beach. You are confused why there are more men in the place. You only see about ten women, and all are already paired with a man, or is with a group of men.

You continue looking around and find a small rocky area at the edge of the coastline. There are two men wetting themselves on the shallow waters while playfully touching each other. Both sport designer trunks. One black, the other red.

You call out to them, “hey, you know where the ladies are at?”

The two look quizzically at each other. 

“Uhm, this is a gay beach,” the guy in black replies sarcastically.

Your jaw drops, “what the hell—? This shouldn’t be where I am!”

Probably, he was too excited to book the cheap package that he did not notice that the location was a gay beach.

“Wait, so you mean, you’re straight?!” the man in red asks.

You make a stern face, “oh, yeah. I am not faggot. I am straight as hell.”

“Well, we got fresh meat,” the guy in black mutters.

Quickly, the two men lounges at you and seize your limbs. Although you are big, their muscular prowess combined overwhelms you.

“Fuck youuu!” you shriek as they pull away your shorts. 

The red trunks guy holds you why the black suit guy removes his speedo and puts his dick in your ass.

“That— that— huurts! UGH!” you complain in pain.

The man in red crouches and takes your cock in his mouth. The warm and expert tongue makes you feel good. Your penis starts to grow inside him.

You start whimpering in ecstasy as your intruder starts hitting your happy spot inside your ass.

It does not take long until you cum and unload your juice to your cocksucker.

The fucker still continues to invade you.

The man in red removes his trunks as he stands and asks, “hey straight boy, you seem to be enjoying your lot, wanna suck your first dick.”

You bend over, “sure. Give me that cock."

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