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Friday, July 7, 2017

[SS-316] New Beau


*Paulina Chasey is in a relationship*

Jayee grumbled. After four weeks from breaking up, facebook informs him that his ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend.

He quickly looked at the profile of LC Gratam, the new beau. The man's face in the profile picture had a fresh face, vibrant expression and a preppy smile. The man was wearing a simple blue buttoned shirt.

Apparently, Jayee was not in the good guy category. He was part of a rock band and was notorious at the university.

Days past and his following of his ex-flame's emerging love story had lead him to also get to know the new guy.

Jayee learned that LC was a senior college student in their university, taking up Business Studies. He was a member of the debate team and an active volunteer for outreach events.

Jayee's bitterness towards the new boyfriend turned into envy. He also wanted to be a cool, handsome guy who achieves things, and not anymore the ruggedly dashing rowdy guy he became.

Jayee's exploration lead him to LC's photo album. He stopped at a body selfie that bore the man's torso. He was at awe of the guy's lean body, plump chest, flat belly and athletic thighs in jogging pants.

After a month, Jayee was surprised to find that LC sent him a private message: it was an image file. He gasped when he opened it. It was a body selfie of LC wearing nothing but a skimpy, leopard print bikini.

He replied with, "what the fuck man?!" But his eyes were still glued at the sexy man on screen.

Then his cellphone rang. The number was not in his address book. He answered it. "Hello?"

"Hi Jayee," replied the voice of a man, "this is LC. I have a feeling that you have been stalking me in facebook."

Jayee was shaking, "I am not doing anything to you and my ex. Leave me alone!" Then he cut the line.

He quicklu closed the browser. However, the image was stuck in his mind. He cannot understand why his crotch became tighter.

After fifteen minutes, he heard knocks on his apartment door.

Jayee answered it and was surprised to see LC by the doorway: in a leopard print bikini.

"Hi Jayee." It was the first time he stood face to face and talked with the man.

"What the hell?! You're almost naked!" Jayee retorted but still stared at the body he admired.

LC pushed him inside the apartment and followed him. "Look. I know you've been stalking me. When I learned about it, I started stalking you too. And I thought, hah! I like you! Maybe you're game."

"I'm not gay! And you have a girlfriend," Jayee resisted.

"Yeah. But I am bisexual. And I have been having this fantasy of having a threesome with my girlfriend and his rocker ex boyfriend," LC explains seductively.

"No... I--"

LC sealed his lips with a kiss, and started unbuckling his belt and freeing his cock. LC knelt and sucked him.

"Fuck... Fuuuuuck!" Jayee groaned. He was receiving some fantastic oral sex.

LC stood up again and kissed him. 

Jayee started fondling the leopard bulge. It was hard and leaking.

LC closed the door, turned around, bent over, skinned down his bikini and spoke, "fuck me. And then imagine your girlfriend sucking my cock while you do."

Jayee instinctively penetrated the hole. "Ohh yeaaah. I'd love to see that!"

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