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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[SS-315] Flower Bearer


Memfis got out of the house. He wore his walking shorts. In his hand was a bouquet of flowers. He was not wearing a shirt, thus exposing his lean torso.

He was on a mission: to find his muse to receive the flowera. 

In the middle of his walk, he passed by his friend, Panton.

Panton was leaning by the alley wall, holding his study stuff. It was a hot day, and they lived in a town by the beach, so bearing skin was not an outlandish norm.

Panton stopped him, "woah there lover boy. Who are those flowers for?"

Memfis smiled, "it's actually for a girl I want to court. I want to see if she would be interested to date me."

Panton rolled his eyes, "what is it about you straight people and flowers? So customary."

Memfis chuckled, "you wouldn't understand. You're gay. And you just broke up with your boyfriend. That's why you're bitter."

"Whatever," Panton dismissed, "and you're going to her like that? Shirtless?"

"Yeah? It's freaking hot, Panton. Besides, showing her the goods might just do the trick," then Memfis winked.

"You're right but agh. That's not a good impression you're gonna make, if you come up to her house like that. She'll think you're a fuccboi," Panton sermoned. Then pulled his hand, "come to my house. I'll give you something to wear."

Reluctantly, Memfis followed his old friend. When they got to the house, Panton got him a nice casual buttoned shirt and khakis. He wore it as soon as it was handed to him.

Panton smirked as he peered at the newly dressed up man, "see. Prim and proper. She'll date you in a heartbeat."

Memfis held up his flowers, "you think so?"

"Yeah. Who is this girl by the way?" Panton asked.

Memfis blushed, "actually. He's not a girl." He passed the bouquet to his friend, "this is for you, Panton."

"Huh?!" Panton muttered in disbelief, "but I'm... You're... You're a fucking straight as hell fuccboi?! Right?"

Memfis scratched his head, "well. Uhm yeah. But uhm... I saw how broken you were when your ex boyfriend ditched you. I felt hurt for you. And I realized, maybe I liked you all along...? I can't keep a good relationship with girls. I just wanted to try it out with you... Because maybe... I don't know... I love you... More than a friend... More than I can love a girl."

Panton gasped, "I... Ah... I don't know what to say... I mean... You know that I've been crushing on you for the longest time. Soooo... Fuck."

"So, will you take the flowers?" Memfis offered.

Panton took the flowers and threw them on the floor. "No. I want you. I fucking want you!"

Then Panton pulled him and locked lips with him. Memfis felt weird at first but he started responding to the kiss later.

"And yes. You're right about coming shirtless." Panton started unbuttoning the polo. He starting biting on the nipple.

"Ohhh gaaawd. Yesss... Make me feel good Panton," Memfis moaned.

Panton was in a daze of lust. He pulled down the khakis and started sucking on the cock with much gusto. He made sure that Memfis is gonna like the kind of sex gay guys do.

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