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Monday, July 3, 2017

[SS-314] Vacuum Hunk


It was a stiffling summer day. Lawson was hanging around his uncle and aunt's house during that vacation, because his parents had a regular out of the country work trip during that time of the year.

He felt comfortable enough to hang around his relatives' house in just his underwear. Their family was quite a liberal one. And his toned body, which was a product of years of working out during high school and college.

He was leaning on the wall by the window, then he heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

He looked to his right and saw his uncle, a professional bodybuilder, wearing only a light blue posing suit. 

With one hand, the uncle was lifting a sofa effortlessly with one hand, and moving the vacuum under it to and fro.

Lawson smirked at the sight. He remembered the first time he saw this man naked when he was young. He did not know what sexuality was yet, but he was sure that he was attacted to this fine hunk.

During his senior high vacation, he was once awoken from sleep by a warm feeling in his dick. He opened his eyes and saw his manly uncle sucking his cock, better than his girlfriend.

From then on, Lawson would spend vacations in that house, seizing moments when he can have sex with his sinfully sexy uncle.

The bodybuilder drops the sofa, turns off the vacuum and walks to him. "I'm done with the house. We have an hour before my wife comes home."

Lawson grinned, "gawd. Uncle you got a hot ass. It looks sexier than my girlfriend's butt."

His uncle laughed, turned around, bent over, eased down the trunks and exposed the musculae ass, "so, are you ready to fuck your old man?!"

Lawson stood up and removed his briefs, "hell yeah. I'm gonna fuck you good..."

He entered the tight ass and started fucking it in wild abandon.

His big uncle was shrieking in pleasure and pain. Baritone moans filled the living room.

Lawson grabbed his muscular bottom by the hair and bellowed, "who fucks better?! Dad or me?!"

"Gaaaawd. You! You fuck like a machine Lawson! Breed me! Breed your muscle bitch uncle!"

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