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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

[SS-297] Dad Mechanic


"Oh gawd, why am I paired up with this kid again?" Servo grumbled as he walked into the work space.

He had no choice but to meet the twenty year old colleague at HardMetal Mechanics Service Company. He was already in the middle of his work. He was shirtless and had a rope on his shoulder.

Roun greeted him with a sly smile, "hello there hot daddy!"

Servo shot him an irritated look, "shut up, Roun. I told you not to call me dad. You're not my son."

"But I'm your Puppy!" Roun teased.

"Stop it and let me get to work!" Servo growled as he walked away.

After hours of working on knots, Servo removed his shirt and continued with wrenching. He heard giggles.

He turned and saw Roun looking at him funny, eyes raking his mature muscular body.

"Get back to work!" Servo commanded. He felt annoyed that a gay man was paired to him. Roun had been seducing him since they first met. But he was not gay. He was married.

Noon time came and Servo decided to take a nap on a wooden bench.

He was awaken by a wet sensation on his cock. He opened his eyes and saw his pants down, dick exposed, with Roun sucking it heartily.

"What are you doing-- AH FUCK!" Servo tried to move away but there were ropes keeping him on the bench.

"NOOOO AHHH..." Servo was feeling both pleasured and uncomfortable.

Roun stood up and removed his shorts, "I've been wanting to do this to you since I first met you, Dad..." Then he sat on Servo's cock and impaled his ass with it.

"Ohhh Gawd..." Servo's eyes widened. He had never felt that tightness before.

"Dad. Dad..." Roun kept moaning as he went up and down on the hard manhood.

"Yeah Puppy! Make your Daddy cum!" 

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