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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

[SS-291] Wax Foreplay


Sheena: Hi boys... We are sooo happy you guys are doing this. We promise. You get to have sex with me and my friend as long as you let us play with you first.

Mariah: yeah. Ohmigosh. You guys are so cute. And so sexy. You look sooo hot in those black trunks we gave you. Yeah. Keep posing. You gotta seduce us. Yeah, look at me like that Asian boy. You want me? Well, you have to do a show. Make me wet without touching me to get me hot.

Sheena: Alright... Enough of the cute stuff.  We wanna see if these hunky bodies of yours can handle pain.

Mariah: Wait! Come on. Take those undies off.

Sheena: Holyyy hell! You got big dicks. Shit. Haha. Okay. You. Asian boy. Get that candle on the floor. Yeah. Now. Place burning wax on White boy. Hell yeaaaahhh... That's it.

Mariah: Quit moaning White boy. If you can't handle that heat, damnit, you can't handle my heat.

Sheena: Yeah. And that's the reason you invited us right?! You know we like kinky stuff. We're just getting started.

Mariah: Oh yeaaah. White boy is liking it. You like that? You like that when he puts wax on your chest? Yeah? Gawd. Your dick is getting big. You're a natural masochist.

Sheena: Yeah, Asian boy. Keep pouring wax on that stud. I'm pretty sure you like getting a White man under you. Yeaah? 

Mariah: Oh yeah White boy. Yeah. Suck my fingers. Yeah... You wanna fuck my cunt. Damn boy, it's as pink as your cherry lips boy.

Sheena: Yeah, them White boy pink lips are better than cunt.

Mariah: Hey, Asian boy. Make him suck your dick!

Sheena: Stop whining White boy. We didn't say you a fag?! We just saying that your mouth is a cock sucker. And we won't let you fuck us if you don't give Asian boy a blowjob.

Mariah: Yeah. That's it. Your fuckin dirty mouth's meant to have a dick in it. Yeah Asian boy. You fuck his mouth good.

Sheena: Damn White boy! Stop struggling against my finger in your butt. You can't fuck us if you can't even stand a finger fuck.

Mariah: Look Sheena. White boy is hard. He's a natural!

Sheena: You're lubed enough Asian boy. Yeah fuck this guy.

Mariah: We holding you tightly White boy! You can't escape from your fate. You're gonna get your cherry popped!

Sheena: And you are enjoying it now. Yeah. Moan loudly baby. I know you like our Asian friend's cock in your ass.

Mariah: Yeah. Sheena. Let's go put more wax on this White shit while Asian boy breaks his hole.

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