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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

[SS-288] Unstraight Weekend


Bim was inside the kitchen preparing the meat to be grilled later. While placing batter and marinate sauce on the chicken, he cannot help but think about the night before, and about how melancholic he was that that day was about to end. 

When he finished flavoring the meat, he went out to the backyard. His friend Gally was there in front of the grill, fanning the first batch of barbeque that were about to be cooked.

Bim could not help but be amazed by the perfect model body that was already shining because of the thin sheet of perspiration due to heat coming off the grill.

He closed in on his topless friend. "Hey bud. I'm done with the last batch."

Gally smiled the sweetest smile. "Thanks dude. We need to get these done for dinner, before my wife and kids return. Eat with us, Bim."

"Sure," he replied. "Can I kiss you again?"

Gally grinned at him and then their lips met.

"Gawd. If only I had known. If we did what we did last night when we were in college... Things... May have changed," Bim spoke dreamily.

Gally continued working on the grill. "Well, I did not know I was gay until you fucked me crazy last night. Did you plan this all along? Huh? Getting me drunk? Seducing me? Having sex with your married, staight best friend?"

Bim embraced his friend. "No! Like you, I was a straight man too! The only reason I'm not married to a girl is that I've been too busy playing with many!"

"So, what happens now, eh?" Gally asked seriously.

"I want to do it again with you. In the future. I don't know how. But I want to kiss you again. Make love to you, Gally..." Bim said sweetly.

"I am married," Gally reminded him.

"I am not applying to be your wife, dumbass," Bim joked, "just in case you want a hole to fuck, my mouth and ass are ready for you."

"After I'm done with this chicken, we will have an hour more before my family arrives," Gally mentioned, "are your holes ready for an hour of fucking?"

"Yeah, Gally. Yeah..." then he french kissed his bestfriend.

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