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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

[SS-312] Acrobat Audition


"Good luck on your audition today, babe..." were the last words that Wong heard from his girlfriend before he hung up. 

He knocked on the door. 

"Come in," said a voice from the other side.

He turned the knob and went in. He walked slowly inside the vast studio apartment with only a few furnitures. It seemed like it was used for show practices.

"Mr. Focker? It's me Wong. The shortlisted acrobat for audition?" He called out.

"I am here at the balcony."

Wong followed the voice. He stepped out into the balcony and found a caucasian man in his sando and short shorts drinking coffee. Mr. Focker's athletic physique was obvious.

Mr. Focker's raised his left eyebrow. "Oh. You are too big. You look heavy. Are you sure you are an acrobat?"

Wong firmly nodded his head. "Yessir! I used to be a gymnast up until college until I became a bodybuilder. But I have always been practicing as an acrobat."

Mr. Focker let down his cup. "Well then. Let's get back in the studio to see what you can do. I can't just replace my injured trainee at the cirque with an amateur."

They both went back in the apartment. The owner opened all the lights.

Wong wanted to show off as soon as possible. He was walking to the mounted stairs when Mr. Focker exclaimed, "remove your shirt and pants."

He looked at the man funny, "why?"

"I need to see if you are using your muscles properly. Leave your undies on." Mr. Focker seemed serious.

Reluctantly, Wong removed his clothes and left his black posing suit. He felt awkward.

"Go and impress me," Mr. Focker challenged.

Wong went to the mounted stairs and held the steps. He carried himself horizontally. He placed his feet on a table first and then carried himself upward until his body was inverted.

"Good. Show me more," Mr. Focker urged.

Wong found a foldable chair. He posed on top of it and controlled it to make it stand diagonally. This proved his strong limbs and core.

"Stand on that chair."

Slowly, but surely, Wong maintained the diagonal position of the chair. He used his core and lower limbs to balance on top of the chair. He was already sweating because of the effort. He was almost defying gravity.

Mr. Focker walked up to him. "Let's see what happens if we introduce another challenge."

The owner of the cirque pulled down his trunks and tugged his cock.

Wong shook. "Fuuuck what the hell?!"

"If you fall, you fail," then Mr. Focker jacked his dick.

Wong closed his eyes to concentrate. It was so hard to focus while someone was pleasuring him. Thoughts raced in his mind. The rumored womanizing owner of the cirque was actually gay.

"Ohhh gawwd!" Wong opened his eyes as he felt something warm enveloped his penis. 

Mr. Focker was sucking him hard. 

After a few minutes of blowjob and deepthroating, Mr. Focker said, "cum and then you can leave that pose."

It served as his cue. Wong moaned and deposited his cum in the masterful mouth. Mr. Focker swallowed him all.

Wong's body became wobbly. He fell. The man caught him in a hugging position.

Wong smirked as their eyes met. "So, do I get the job?"

Mr. Focker beamed, "in more ways than one."

Then they kissed.

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