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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[SS-309] Lime Boxers


"Good gawd... Why did you make me gay?" Vinrou mumbled to himself as he entered the group locker room of the martial arts team.

From the fiber glass wall of the wet area, he could tell that some of his team members were there taking a shower. 

He tried to fight his imagination of the blurred bodies. He did not want to gain an erection in his bathrobe.

He had always wanted to be trained for Martial Arts. Joining in combat sports was something that ran in his family.

However, ever since he tried out and became a novice in the regional taekwondo team, it became harder for him to curb his hidden homosexual tendencies.

Vinrou wanted to bolt out and just have his post training shower at home. But it would make him more suspicious if he always escaped from social situations like this.

He slowly entered the communal shower area. He gasped at the sight of four intermediate martial artists bathing in identical yellow lime boxer briefs.

"Oh! Our new guy Vinrou is here. Come on man, take your robe off and hang out and get wet with us," the tallest among them invited him.

Vinrou tried to ignore how sexual that invitation sounded. He removed his robe and joined them under the showers. He tried to fight his feelings. He did not want to look scandalous in his tight jockstrap.

The four men exchanged small talks with him while they soaped and rinsed. He felt weird when the four started feeling up his muscles.

"Man, you're really athletic..." said the shortest one who was pawing his pecs.

The oldest among the four touched his tight bulge and spoke.  "Damn. And you're packing a big one here."

The fourth one touched his face and told him, "hey don't fight it. We saw you looking at us funny while we were at the mat. We always have sex with each other. It's like a thing in this dojo."

Then the tallest knelt, pulled down Vinrou's jock and held his cock. "Ugh. Fresh meat."

"Oohhh myyy gaaaawd!" Vinrou moaned as the sexy man's mouth enveloped his dick.

His sounds were muffled when he was kissed by two other guys.

The oldest man touched Vinrou's butt and whispered in his ear, "you ever been fucked?"


"You want to get fucked now? While he sucks you?"

Vinrou gasped. "Yeah. Yes please... Yes..."

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