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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[SS-306] Butt Friend


Jono sent the selfie of himself post weight lifting workout to the Facebook messenger of the female account he was flirting with.

"Heyyy! I just finished my workout. What do you think?" He captioned the picture.

"You look great Jono! But tell me. Who is that guy flexing his back and butt behind you?"

Jono regreted not completely cropping out the other body in the image.

He replied, "that's my friend, Kinko."

"Oh my gosh. He's so hot and ripped. And his butt looks delicious too. Even with blur he looks delectable. Is he single?" 

He sighed and typed, "yeah."

"Can you give him my number or profile and tell him I'm interested?"

"Ah. Yeah. Sure!"

"Thanks friend!"

Jono locked the phone and placed it in his pocket. This always happens to him. He pursues a girl and when they meet his best friend, they start chasing Kinko.

It was not that Jono was ugly. He was also handsome and ripped. But Kinko just had a more handsome face and perfect physique. His friend also has a mysterious yet charming aura.

The gym was almost closing. Jono went back to the locker room to fetch his friend.

And Kinko was there. By the wall, wearing only briefs and listening to his ipod. Jono has always admired his friend's body.

"Hey. Aren't you preparing to go home yet?" Jono asked.

Kinko took off his earphones, "yeah. Sure. Just give me a minute to dress up."

Jono sat down a bench. "Gawd. This new girl I am targeting. She saw your picture and asked me to give her number to you. Friendzoned again."

Kinko chuckled, "Ahh. I don't want it. I don't wanna pursue any chick that comes from you. I value our friendship more than our side chicks."

Jono rolled his eyes. "Haha. But you never really pursued anyone in the last what-- one year?"

Kinko laughed, "I do. It's just girls can't handle all this muscle. Come on. I'll take you on my way home and drop you at your dorm."

They chatted about their work and women in the whole thirty minute ride before they got to his dormitory.

"Thanks Kinko. See you at the gym, tomorrow night."

Just as he was about to open the door, Kinko who was driving beside him, held him, turned him around and kissed him.

Jono's eyes widened. He was surprised that his alpha muscleman of a friend was raking his mouth.

"What the fuck Kinko?!" he reacted. But he was feeling very hot.

Kinko covered his face with his hands. "Gaaahd. Man... I'm sorry... I'm not gay... It's just that I started having these weird feelings about you. Gaaahd."

Kinko kissed him again. This time he responded. His hands travelled around the body he marvelled. He pawed on the huge, muscular butt.

"Gaaawd. You have a sexy ass," Jono muttered.

"You wanna fuck it baby?" Kinko asked seductively.

"Gahhhd yeah."

They both got out of the car and raced to his dorm room. They got out of their clothes. They french kissed once more.

Kinko naughtily bit his lip, turned around and bent over.

Jono held his cock and mumbled, "no way girls. This ass is mine."

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