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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

[SS-303] Cursed Lagoon


"Okay, now we are at the haunted part of our trail," said the female tour guide, "just take a look. No picture taking please. We will not go any further."

"This place does not seem to be haunted though. It's just a place full of thickets. It's not even dreary inside," Gerub commented loudly.

The other tourists, especially the ladies giddily staring at his shirtless state, turned to him.

The guide smiled, "I am serious, Sir. This place really is mysterious. Some people have been reported to be hypnotized by the air of this place, especially if you go further into the thickness. This year there were already five men who got lost inside and never returned. Also please stop pointing at things. The spirits don't like that."

Then the group started walking away.

"Ugh. This is just stupid." Gerub, being an adventurous guy, was curious about the secrets of the enchanted place.

He slithered into the pack of thickets. Unlike what he was told, the dense felt normal. He had been through more dangerous terraim before.

After ten minutes, he reached the other side of the pack. It was a trail leading to a small lagoon under the waterfalls.

He pointed to his discovery. "So this is what these scared tourists are missing out." He started walking to the water.

He excitedly bathed and enjoyed the warm lagoon. He planned to just return to the hotel on his own.

Suddenly, a figure of a man appeared from behind the rocks near the falls.

Gerub marveled at the man, who had a strong, ripped physique. He was handsome. All he wore were black swim trunks.

"Hello Gerub..." the man greeted with a baritone voice.

Gerub gasped. "What the... How did you know my name?" 

The mysterious hunk walked towards him and touched his face. He shuddered at the heat emanating from the palm that rubbed his cheek.

"You came in my sanctuary. I am keeping you hear. I am not letting you go." The man's voice boomed, followed by a rustling of leaves.

Gerub's senses got blurry. The next thing he knew, he was kissing the man. It did not matter if his girlfriend was waiting for him at the hotel. He wanted to swap sweet saliva with this godly man.

"Pleasure me, my new possession," the man commanded.

Gerub slowly bent down as he kissed each crevice of the ripped physique in front of him. He. Then slowly pulled down the trunk to reveal the mighty cock inside. Instinctively, he sucked on the hard flesh.

It felt heavenly. Gerub wanted to stay in that place forever.

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