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Monday, August 7, 2017

[SS-329] Paternal Offering


Your boyfriend walks to you with an iPad in his hand. He sits next to you while showing the picture of a bodybuilder: skin shiny, muscles highlighted, face serious and black posing suit tight.

"Dear, you never told me your father was a serious hot shot," he tells you while rubbing your bulge playfully.

You grin, "of course. Why do you think I'm hot and sexy as hell? It runs in the genes, baby."

"Haha. So, this body building father of yours, was he the one who trained you to achieve this sexy body you have now?" he inquires.

"Yeah. He trained me really good. He wanted me to be as buff as him."

"I wish I could meet him someday. I would to love to oggle at his muscles."

You say no more and change the subject.

A day after, the two of you go home together after a graveyard shift from work.

When you open the door, you see a man at the living room area. The man is standing upright, but he is naked except for a tight white jockstrap and ropes tightened around him, immobilizing his bidy. His face is also partially covered.

"Hey, who is that?!" your boyfriend reacts hoarsely, "wait... I know that body... Is this your... Father?!"

You walk to the bondaged man and start touching his muscles, "yeah. I trained him as much as he trained me. I figured he was a natural submissive, so when I was sixteen, I offered to be his master. And he really likes it. Don't you Dad?"

The man moans and nods his head.

Your boyfriend starts to touch his crotch, "damn you! That is so hot!"

"Yeah, I told him that you were interested in him. And I offered him to be your pet for a day," you explain, "he was so excited. I asked him to come here today. You can do anything you want with him, honey."

He walks to your father and touches the hard physique with amazement in his eyes. He also caressed the big bulge inside the white jock. He asks, "can I fuck him?"

"Oh yeah. He loves getting fucked."

Your boyfriend whips out his cock, positions behind the older man and starts fucking his ass.

Muffled whimpers emanated from the covered mouth of your father. You remove his gag and ask him, "who's my fucking slave boy?"

"I am master... I am... Uhhh..."

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