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Friday, April 21, 2017

[SS-283] Yacht Driver


You feel really embarrassed walking by the shore. Although you know you have an exceptionally muscular physique and smooth skin to show, exposing yourself in skimpy blue trunks is something you would not normally do in a public beach.

Yet there you are, wet from all the waves, eyes of spectators glued on you. You hurry to the side of the resort where the boats and the yachts are parked.

Then you find your client for the day: the heir of a retail business tycoon. A twenty five year old male model for international brands. He sits lazily on the passenger seat of a small sized boat, bearing his hunky physique, sunkissed skin, designer sunglasses and fashion swimwear with playful prints.

He pulled down his glasses a bit. "Ooooh. You were better than I expected. How did you like the swimsuit I gave you."

You smile shyly as you hop in. "I feel a bit uncomfortable. I usually don't wear stuff like this. Straight guys like me wear boardshorts when I go to the beach."

You emphasize on the word "straight." You know your current client is gay, and is pretty public about it. And he was the one that requested him to wear such daring uniform with a promise of adding a few hundred dollars to his tip to be his boat driver today.

"Well you look great. You have nice thighs and a good package. Don't hide in baggy boardshorts," he commended.

You turned the motor on and said, "where should we go?"

He pointed to a distant island. "Take me to that private resort there."

You comply and start to drive the boat towards the indicated direction. Both of you are silent as you sail.

However, to your surprise, he pulls down his trunks and releases his cock. He starts to jack it off.

"What are you doing?!" you bellow.

"Gawd. Sorry. I can't help it. You are like the hottest driver ever. Let me just beat myself while I look at you," he mutters under his breath.

You want to bolt out however, he has paid you in excess so you cannot complain. Also, you are surrounded by water, so escaping is futile. 

You try to focus on your driving, but your client is already moaning loudly, making noises with his masturbation and staring intensely at him.

He stands up and moves beside you. He jacks off near your body.

You start stopping the engine. "What the fuck? Get away... Get... Awwwwgh maaaan! Why did you have to do that?!"

The boat halts.

You look down on yourself. There is cum on your neck, arm, chest and abs. It feels sticky on your skin.

He chuckles, "I am so sorry. I'll pay you another fifty dollars for that. Let me clean you up."

He leans to him and licked him clean. He sucks all the cum in his body.

He sits back down after he has finished. "Gawd. That was craaaazy!"

You sigh. "Should I continue this trip?"

"Yes. I still have whole day. I've lots more to do..." Then he winks.

You start the engine again and move the boat. The vibration it makes is not helping your growing erection.

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