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Monday, April 17, 2017

[SS-281] Heartbroken Neighbor


Ahron woke up with his head aching. He saw a note on the bed beside him.

It read, "hey sexy teacher. Thank you for letting me fuck you again for one final time. Thank you for sending me off gayhood before I get married with my girlfriend. I am going to miss you a lot. I hope you find a boyfriend... or a better fuck bud whatever. Haha. Ciao!"

Ahron smiled. His scuba diving grad, and hot shot student, to whom which he exclusively experimented his gay tendencies with, had returned to straighthood as a to-be groom. It had been a wild one year on man to man sex.

Although Ahron was happy about his student, he also felt sad that the only person he shared and entrusted with his homosexual life with would no longer be with him.

He got out of bed, wore his designer briefs, got a bottle of beer from the bridge and drank the alcohol as he peered at his window. He was thinking about converting back to heterosexuality. Anyway, it was not hard for him to score girls.

"Hey there!" someone from outside called out.

He looked and saw a man at the front lawn of the new house beside his, standing with shorts and shirt on, and looking up to him.

"Hey! Do we know each other?"

"No, I just moved in. With my parents."

"Niiice..." Ahron muttered. He licked his lips.

The new neighbor was handsome and wore tight fitting clothes that showed his body.

In Ahron's mind, he can already imagine the man naked. The man must look sexy in designer briefs and trunks that he and his student liked to wear for their foreplays.

"Early morning booze. I like that!" the neighbor cheerfully exclaimed at him

Ahron held up the bottle. "Oh this? Yeah. I have more where this came from. Wanna join me for a morning drink?"

The neighbor shrugged. "Sure." 

It was not long until the new guy entered his house. They went to his dining area and they talked for hours about their lives.

The man pointed to him, "damn sir. You look so ripped! I wish I could sport speedos like that."

"You look muscular too!"

"Not like you!"

"Take off your clothes and I'll be the judge of that."

Because of the alcohol, the neighbor did not resist. He just voluntarily took his clothes off. He was wearing white and blue briefs.

Ahron gaped, "fuck man. You are so sexy. You are hot too!"

He smirked. "Naaah. But you! I bet you get all the girls you like!"

Ahron shook his head. "I don't know if I still like girls. My boyfriend just left me to marry a girl sooo..."

The neighbor's eyes widened, "you're gay?"

"I don't know. Gawd! Why did I just blurt that secret out," Ahron grumbled, "must be the alcohol. Sorry. You can leave if you want.

The hunk touched his shoulders and spoke. "Hey. Yes. I'm not gay. But I ain't judging you. Heartbreak is a universal feeling."

Ahron looked up and saw the most beautiful eyes. He was drawn to it. The next thing he knew was that he already locked lips with him.

The man struggled at first but later melted in his embrace.

"Sorry..." Ahron apologized after the kiss.

The new guy was blushing, "I don't know how to feel after that."

"Hey. Just in case. If you want to go that's fine. But if you stay... I'm gonna let you use my ass. You can fuck me all day."

The neighbor smiled. "I would love that." 

And then they kissed again.

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