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Friday, April 7, 2017

[SS-277] Maker's Delivery


He opened his eyes. He felt something clung on his skin. He felt hot and uncomfortable. He realized, that he was wrapped inside a plastic bag. He felt like he was a life size action figure. Aside from the plastic that covered him, he was wearing red posing trunks. 

Then he remembered. Two days ago, he was auditioning for a bodybuilding competition. A guy nicknamed "The Maker" came up to him after the event and asked if he was interested to get more money by being a sculpture model.

Because he was in need of money during that time, he agreed. When he got to the studio, he remembered that the Maker started chanting in some creepy, unknown language.

He got dizzy and semi conscious. When he learned that it was an attempt to hypnotize him, it was too late. The transcript for him to obey was already engrained in him. 

The next events were no longer clear to him. But he recalled being commanded to suck cocks of different men. His ass also became very sore because of being fucked multiple times. 

The last thing he knew was the Maket sealing a deal with a rich virtual architect to sell him. Then he was covered in plastic and shipped in a van.

He no longer recalled what happened after that. He guessed that by that time, he somehow escaped from his life of concubinage. He tore the plastic off completely.

"I'm free!" He shouted while spreading his arms out wide. He felt the wind bristle across his naked body.

He looked around. "But where am I?"

He found himself in the middle of a bridge road. Everywhere else was dark.

A warm feeling suddenly swept his body. He started touching himself unknowingly: his chests, nipples, abs and crotch. He rubbed his hand wildly on his red bulge.

"Come to me."

The voice made him stand still and clueless. An image appeared in front of him.

It was the architect the bought him.

"Welcome to my lair."

He started losing his consciousness again, his mind slowly dipping into submission.

"See that short pole? Fuck yourself with it."

He found a short metal pole in the middle of the bridge. He skinned off his briefs and sat in the middle of the pole. As the hard metal entered his hole, a searing pain wept him. But his submission was almost complete.

With a hard penis, he started fucking himself into the inanimate metal object as he whimpered in delight. He felt happy under the eyes of his new master.

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