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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

[SS-276] Daddy Trap


Raico was silently reading a book while he was riding the subway train. He remembered he had to text his wife to wait for him so he can have dinner with her and their two sons.

While he was keying on his cellphone, he noticed that the teenage boy in front of him was looking at him intently and grinning from ear to ear.

He did not know how to respond, so he just decided to smile back. He noticed that the boy's eyes slightly glistened. 

After the train stopped at the next station and more seats have been emptied, the boy stood up and sat beside him.

"Hi Dad..." the younger one whispered to him with a seductive tone.
Raico was startled. He slid a few inches at away from the boy. "What Daddy?!"

The teenager was also surprised, "are you not..?"

"Am I not what?"

"I thought you're a hot daddy looking for a young sex mate..."

Raico slid further away. "I am not a gay you fucking faggot! And you're to young slutting around!"

The kid covered his face with his hands. "Ahhh sorry. I really thought you were game. You perfectly fit the bill of a sugar daddy. I thought I was already lucky."

Raico no longer minded the teenage boy who seemed mortified for hitting on him. He continued reading until he reached his station. 

After walking out of the train platform, Raico patted his and found that his cellphone was not there. He started acting frantic.

"You looking for this?" declared a familiar voice. 

He turned around and found the teen boy slut holding up his cellphone.

Raico was about to shout aloud when the young man shushed him.

"If you budge, I'll scream and say that you are a sex offender!" the kid threatened.

Raico softened, "what do you want?!" 

"Follow me. I live alone. My house is just near." Then the boy walked away.

Reluctantly, Raico followed him. They ended up in a small dormitory. The inside of his room was simple. It was a studio unit.

The boy took his clothes off. He laid in bed in only his black briefs.

Raico found the teenager handsome and sexy. He wondered why a boy with such physical prowess be such a slutty faggot.

"If you want to get your phone, you need to cum on my belly..." the kid commanded.

"Do I have to really?"


Raico surrendered and whipped out his cock and masturbated. It did not take long for him to be erect and horny since the boy was making seductive, horny noise.

"Ugh..." Raico moaned as he ejaculated on the boy. The torso and abs of the teenager was colored white.

The young man got the phone from his shorts and gave it to him. "Thanks Dad."

Raico grabbed his phone and quickly left the unit.

He received a new text.

"Did you enjoy Daddy? Want to play with your boy again soon?"


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