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Friday, December 30, 2016

[SS-235] Bathhouse Spy


Police officer Flores' heart thumped as he entered the dark halls of the bathhouse.

His mission was to covertly enter the premises of an infamous gay spa and sauna. He heard that unregistered commercial sex work was done in the area. Also, he planned to spot any form of illegal drug distribution that allegedly happened in the establisment.

However, he also needed to attract attention from patrons to see how they will react to him. So he bore his slightly shaven muscular body wearing only tight white briefs, which was due to one of the rules of the bathhouse: white briefs, small towels or nothing.

It was awkward for a straight man like him. But his boss promised incentives should he be successful in this mission.

As he entered, he was already able to entice eyes into his direction. Some were brazen enough to talk to him and touch him lightly. However, none of those who approached him showed any relations to the crimes he was trying to track down.

Except for one who was standing by the bamboo wall. One of some sketches of those who report to the headquarters looked like his face. He allegedly distributes ecstasy and offers sex for a payment. Then he pickpockets money in the process.

The man looked at him fiercely. The peer was very strong. It elicited weird feelings from the officer.

The suspect looked sexy leaning on the wall. All he wore were white briefs. His body was muscular and smooth. He eased the sides of his undies, as if to taunt.

Flores approached him. "Hi."

"Hello sexy..."

"What are you here for?"

The man smirked. "I don't know officer... what do you think I am here for?"

Flores' eyes widened. "I don't know what you're talking about."

The suspect circled his fingers on the officer's nipples. "I know you're here. The sindicates know you're here. We know you came alone. One wrong move and you're dead. And your wife. And your kids."

"Fuck you," Flores cursed, half scared, half angry.

"Come with me..." then the man turned and walked.

Flores had no choice. He had to follow the handsome man who had him at his neck.

They went inside the room. The suspect sat in the middle of a mini guarded and signalled for him to come closer.

Flores reluctantly walked and stood in front of him.

While looking up, the man pulled down his briefs and took his cock in his mouth.

Flores groaned, "ohhh ohhh my gaaawd. Shiiit."

He had never felt that kind of blowjob before. He was on a sexual daze, forgeting he was in an exposed mission.

After a few minutes, the man moved up to him, kissing his abs, chest and neck.

Flores just received the kiss on his lips instinctively as the hunk moved in. The heat and relaxing smell of the spa made him surrender.

"What do you say officer? I'll give you more than just a cock and a kiss if you pay three k. I promise. It'll be worth it," the man whispered before he walked away.

Flores swallowed as he peered at the prostitute's back side. He knew he wanted it.

"Fuck this mission," he muttered to himself as he chased the man.

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