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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[SS-231] Penthouse Friendship


Eversince you knew that the penthouse of the building where you work was open to people but not many went to, you decided to hang out there everyday, thirty minutes before your work time in to relax.

You used to have the whole place to yourself. However, today you find a new guy standing when you got there.

"Hello," you greet him, "you work here?"

"Yes. I just got employed, a week ago."

You and he chat. You learn that he recently graduated from college. He used to be a part time model when he was a student, which is obvious as he is very handsome and his muscular body showed in his tight white shirt. He tells you he has a girlfriend.

You tell him about your work in the IT department, that you are an orphan and you live alone with a dog and a parrot.

Daily you would meet in the morning on the penthouse, sharing breakfast and stories. You have become good friends even though your interaction was limited to a thirty minute sunrise chat.

Last week, he tells you about his relationship that was starting to be unstable because the girl and he spends lesser time with each other due to work. She is becoming cold towards him and he suspects that she has another lover from work.

Eventually, he admits that they have broken up. He cries on your shoulder. You feel very sorry for you newest closest friend.

Unlike him, you did not have the face, the body nor the confidence to talk to women you like. You have always been worried about being single for life. Seeing him in despair due to a lost love makes you realize having a romantic relationship is not all happy.

After a few days, you see him recovering. He starts smiling and saying how he missed being single. You start having lunches and dinners outside the penthouse. He enrolls you to the gym and works out with you. He brings you to bars and teaches you about the night life.

"Hey. I am going back to modeling!" he cheerfully announces one morning.

"Wow. Haha. That's good."

"Why don't you try it?"

"What?! No! I am not as hunky as you are."

"Nahhh you just think that!"

"Seems like a hard job too. I can't go around people half naked like you tell me you do."

"Sheeesh! It's just a piece of cake. Let me show you."

He wears his aviator sunglasses and takes his clothes off except for his black boxers. He poses strikingly.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

"What?! There's no other man here than us."

You shake your head, "no, that's not my problem."

"What is?"

You blush, "it's just..."

He takes his glasses off and looks at you with concern. "What?"

You advance to him and kiss his lips. As you taste his tongue, you realize how much hunger you have developed for him. You have never questioned how you swing before until he came. You shared his smiles and pain. It seems that kiss is a culmination.

But you realize that he is straight. You back away and mutter, "sorry..."

He looks surprised. He embraces you and kisses you back.

He becomes your first love and your first relationship.

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