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Monday, December 5, 2016

[SS-224] Prototype Reaction


"Doctor Corporal, is the antidote ready?!" the general asked.

The doctor shook his head, "not yet. Give me time. The prototypes still have adverse reactions."

"Lieutenant Juman needs it. He is one of our promising soldiers in the special brigade. He has also inhaled the poisoned air at the barracks," the general explained hastily.

"But it will be dangerous!" the military physician pushed.

"Give him the antidote! That is an order from your general!" the high ranking official commanded.

The doctor looked at the man on a wheel chair. The body of Lt. Juman lying on a wheelchair was still muscular and fit for battle, but it would not be long until the poison will make all his organs shrink, causing his death.

He could understand why this soldier cannot be put to waste. Juman was bright, educated, vigorous and extremely loyal.

The physician sighed, "sir, yes sir..."

He gave an intravenous bolus of the antidote to the intoxicated soldier. After five seconds, the soldier convulsed for a minute, and then passed.

The doctor checked his pulse and vitals. Zero. He tried to revive the patient. The unresponsive soldier was soon pronounced dead.

The general muttered, "what a waste." Then he walked out.

The doctor decided to put the cadaver on the study table for autopsy.

As he was preparing his materials, he heard a voice.

"Ugh... where am I?"

The physician turned around and saw the soldier was up and alive.

"You are at the hospital," he responded as he checked the man's vitals. All were normal, senses were sharp. "I am going to extract blood from you. I want to see if the poison has been--"

"--poison? What? Who are you? Where am I?" the hunk on the table blabbered.

The doctor gasped in amazement. He was correct in infering that the antidote can cause memory loss.

An evilish plan crossed the military physician's mind.

"You are a special soldier. You were trained to give pleasure to people when you are commanded to do so."

Confusion was painted on the revived soldier's face. "Huh? How can that be?"

"Open your mouth soldier and I will show you."

Juman opened his mouth as he was told. The doctor knew submissiveness was another antidote side effect.

The physician opened his fly and released his cock. He held Juman's head and face fucked him. Both moaned: he due to ecstasy, Juman due to discomfort and confusion.

After he deposited his semen in Juman's mouth he ordered, "swallow it."

The soldier did as he was told.

The doctor kissed him. "I'll do a few more tests just to see if you're okay. Then after that you can come home to me so I can remind you of your real role in life."

"Sir, yes sir."

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