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Friday, December 2, 2016

[SS-223] Thicket Secret


The son was hidden somewhere in that thicket.

He overheard his father talking on the phone. Based on the hushed tones, the old man seemed to be planning a secret rendezvous in that place.

His mother had told him about how her husband was showing disinterest in sex. They both think that his probably has a secret affair with another woman.

As he suspected, his father's car arrived and parked on the road near the thicket. The old man went out.

While hiding, the son gasped at the sight of his father who wore nothing but white briefs. After a long time, that was the first time he had seen his old man almost naked. His father, a businessman, usually sported tailored suits.

He knew his father started working out again two years ago. He did not imagine the man would turn out to be a muscular hunk.

The father stood beside the car for a few moments. Then started walking into the thicket. Every so often he would look around as if assessing if the scene is safe.

The son quietly followed his father, making sure he is not noticed.

The old man stopped by a large tree. He surveyed the area for one last time.

He slipped his briefs down. He placed his palms on the trunk and bent over. He shouted, "I am ready!"

Then five naked men, also muscular, came in from different directions. The first one who got to the father touched the bent man's ass and fucked him.

The son watched in awe as his father received cock. The face of the man was filled with pain and ecstasy.

The young spectator could not believe his eyes and got worried about how his teenage hormones got him hard and excited by the sight.

The son watched as each men deposited cum in his father's hole. The bottoming older man was hard and leaking the whole time.

As soon as the fifth was done, the five men left the place.

His father stood up and started jacking off himself while he collected cum from his ass using his other's hand as lube.

The son could not help himself. He walked to his father and exposed himself.

The older man froze in shock. "Son?!"

The son's face was red, "I saw everything Dad... can I fuck you too?"

The father grinned. "Holy shit yes. Fuck me son. Fuck me too."

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