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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

[SS-345] Waffle Eating


You are walking upstairs after your tanning session. You are in your black posing suit. You look at the mirror in the holding area where the other contestants for the fitness competition are.

Then he catches your eye. It is him again. The frequent contestant from the lightweight division. 

Now, he stares at you. His tight body is exposed. His bulge is apparent in his red trunks.

He has a waffle in his hand. He put it in his mouth and made sucking motions.

You look away and mumble, "gays should be prohibited from joining these competitions."

This is not the first time that you have seen this creepy man. He has been in other contests that you have been in and he has been giving you the eye every time. It is a pity that the guy is handsome. He could have had girlfriends lining up to be with him.

You try to ignore his gaze that has been following you as you do your final lifting. 

You decide to go to the bathroom to pee. 

You open one cubicle. He is there. Still with his banana in his hand.

"Hi there," he murmured seductively.

"No. Stay away from me you faggot or I'll beat you into a pulp!" you exclaim.

He hops to you and hugs you with his arms and thighs, locking his littler but muscular frame on you.

"What the fuck, man! Get off me--"

He seals your lips with a kiss. You try to struggle away but he has latched on you tight. His tongue coats your mouth with his sweet, banana flavored saliva.

His persistence makes you weaker. You welcome the desire stimulated by his passionate kisses.

When he realizes your surrender, he stops and smiles at you, "may I taste your long waffle?"

You stutter, "I-- I'm not gay."

He smirks and loosens his embrace. He kneels, pulls your suit down, releases your semi hard cock and sucks it.

"Ohhh my gawd. Your mouth feels good, yeah suck me..." you gasp as you fuck his mouth.

He accepts your dick in his throat. You enjoy the feeling of your best blowjob yet.

Then you feel his finger, enter your asshole. You tighten at first but it still eases in. It hits something pleasurable.

"Ohhh gawd. Thaaat's amazing," you sigh.

"I'll put another finger?"


Another finger enters. You squirm at the fullness inside your ass.

"My cock. You want me to put my cock in there, you hot macho man?" he mumbled.

"I don't know," you reply, half-heartedly.

He stands up straight, turns you around.

You instinctively bend over. A surge of horniness engulfs your thinking. Then his hard dick slices in your hole.

"Ohhhhhh..." you moan. You forget you masculine status. You forget that you have been a three time bodybuilding champion. You just want to feel that cock fill you up.

"You huh... Like that huh?" he asks you as he fucks you forcefully and fast.

"Yeah. Deeper. Harder. Make me limp."

"Your ass is mine? You hear that?"

"Yes. I am yours. My whole body is yours ooohhhh..."

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