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Friday, March 31, 2017

[SS-274] Father Art


Irwin shook his head firmly, "no. It's nothing like that Pops. I just need you for my school project in my advanced art class."

"Oh. You know I don't know anything about art. I can't even use crayons properly," the father joked

"No... You just have to be my subject... For uhm... Ah... Nude artwork..." Irwin's face was bright red.

His Pops laughed, "you want me to get naked for you?!"

Irwin blushed, "well... I don't have money to pay for a model. And you... Well your physique is perfect. But... Yeah... This is stupid. Maybe, I should find someone else."

The father took his top off. "Well, I didn't say no. It's not like I have not posed in tiny suits when I was still active in body building."

"Not here Pops. In the garage," Irwin instructed.

So, they went to the garage. The car was not there as it was used by his mother. As soon as the space was closed, the older man pushed his pants down.

"Okay Irwin, how do I pose?"

Irwin tried to look away from the nakedness and the big penis in front of him, "ahh I shall just take a picture of your back. But I should put some color powder."

He got the packs where the powder was.

The father turned around and showed his muscular back and plump ass. "Okay. Do me."

Irwin's hand were cold as he patted the skin and colored it red, yellow and blue. His pops' was beautiful.

"Irwin... Ugh. I think you got some powder between my butt," the subject said, "it itches. Ugh..."

"Oh sorry..." Irwin apologized as he sanitized his hands. He got wet wipes, parted the pillars of gluteus maximus and wiped the middle. He started at the pink hole.

"Holyyy ugh... Gawd. Yeah..." the father moaned, "put your finger inside my hole."

Irwin was startled. "What?!" 

His pops turned and grinned at him. "Oh come on son. I know what this is all about. You're a closeted kid who has the hots for his pops."

Irwin trembled, "I uh..."

The colored muscle man bent over and spread his legs. "You want to see me naked? You want my ass? Come on. Finger me and then fuck me boy. Your pops needs it."

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