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Friday, March 24, 2017

[SS-271] Son's Plot


Ruru was sleepless the whole evening. He had a fight with his father, who reprimanded him when he returned with a boy he dated. 

He was the only son of the chairman of the board of Cadrid enterprises. His father forbidded him to be gay, because he needed to make the family grow for the longevity of the empire. The patriarch punished him severely by keeping him locked at home for months.

Ruru was served his usual assorted fruits for breakfast in bed by their housemaids. However, he was in deep thought. He did not the appetite to even look at his food.

The door opened. Two hunky men entered: the house gardener and the plumber. 

"You called for us?" asked the gardener.

Ruru sat up. "Yes. I need you to do something. But before that, I told you to come here without clothes. Come on take those dirty uniforms off. I want to see the briefs I bought for you."

The faces of the muscular men became red as they reluctantly took their clothes off and left their designer briefs on. 

The gardener was wearing red.

The plumber, in blue briefs, inquired, "what is it you want from us?"

"You want to get back at your master?" Ruru asked grinning.

The two men looked at each other. Both were also victims of his father's strictness and foul mouth.

"How?" the gardener muttered.

"I want you to force him to have sex with men. I want him to experience gay sex so he won't be mad at me anymore," Ruru replied.

The plumber's forehead crumpled, "how do we do that?"

Ruru told the two men his plan. The workers seemed to be happy at his scheme. They also started throwing in ideas.

"So, can I count on you?" Ruru asked them after everything had been settled.

"Yes. You can count on us, "replied the gardener.

The plumber stood straight, "but I really want a dry run on the sex part."

The two studs were grinning.

Ruru smirked as he got out of bed, "say no more."

He approached the two muscle heads and removed their briefs. Then he started alternately sucking the cocks of each one.

Later, the gardener rimmed him while the plumber kissed him fully on the lips.

Before the two headed back to their works, Ruru's ass and mouth got filled with cum.

"They are ready. This is going to be exciting," Ruru mumbled after the hunks got out of his room

*to be continued*

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