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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

[SS-267] Conceited Surfer


Filmon was a popular surfer from East beach. But this is not because he was exceptionally skilled. He rarely won any surfing competition in his city. 

What made him famous was his handsome looks, well tended tan skin, hard rocking body and an overall sexy appeal. But what really set him apart from other surfers, was that he liked the attention so much that he bordered narcissistic exhibitionism.

While other surf athletes wore baggy shorts and tag guards, Filmon bravely sliced through big waves wearing only his speedo. Every time he would crouch, his big bulges would become more prominent.

That is why, eveytime he ran back to the shore, he would be flocked by female admirers. He would intentionally pose with his surfboard so that the women can take pictures of him.

However, despite his preference for tight trunks which made him look homoerotic, Filmon was actually very homophobic. He would stay away from and lash at male admirers, whether they were gay or straight.

One day while he was lying down on the beach for his tan while wearing bright yellow speedos, a group of gay men held him up and placed him in a private cottage.

Filmon struggled to be free but he was outnumbered. He wanted to shout for help but the men already placed a cloth in his mouth.

In the cottage, Filmon's remaining clothing was removed. Then he was raped by the men. The gays took turns fucking his virgin ass.

At first, he was actually hating the experience, however after the second fucker, his anus started feeling good as it was ravaged by a cock.

One of the attackers noticed this. "Hey look! Hetero macho Filmon is liking cock in his ass."

"Noooo! No I-- uhhh... Oh yeaaah..." Filmon tried to retort but his moans betrayed him.

His final attempts to plea was obstructed when a cock penetrated his mouth.

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