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Monday, March 6, 2017

[SS-263] Tribe Leaders


The peoples of the mountainous Finex region was composed of three tribes, which lived a pre-modern civilization it was remotely distant from the urban cities.

Each indigenous group was ruled by a leader, chosen by the members of the community for his wisdom, courage and physical prowess. 

The tribe of the East developed a hunting society, and was lead by a leader who was the master hunter of all. In a month, he can slay twenty bears. He had transmitted this art and way of life to all the men in their community. He is easily spotted as the most muscular man with a cloth around his head.

The tribe of the West developed a agricultural and horticultural society. Their ruler was an insightful farmer and gardener who can toil for days and harvest a while hectare of grain by himself. After organizing the people in his land to maximize the productivity of the ground. He would be seen guarding the crops.

The tribe of the north developed a mining and herding society. Their leader was the strict and hardworking metal craftsman. He taught the people in his group how to design the minerals they were getting and how to barter these goods to the other tribes. He would be seen standing by the intricately designed gates of the tribe's sanctuary.

The three leaders always bore their bodies while wearing little clothing to cover their privates. This was a symbol of their being brazen and their attempt to intimidate their foes.

Recently, the Fenix region experienced unrest as the people from the urban parts of the country came to implement the law and obtain their ancestral land.

The three tribe leaders met in a secluded cave. decided to wage war upon the invaders. But they decided to speak to the spirits of their ancestors for guidance. Through an ancient ritual, their elders spoke to them and said that in order to be favored by fate in this dispute, the leaders must perform the sacred practice of unity and that the North must sacrifice.

Using annointed oil, the leaders caressed each others' bodies. This symbolizes their appreciation of the human body. When the three started feeling the heat, they kissed each others' lips as a sign of their tribes harmony. 

Each marvelled at the sexual prowess of the rulers. As leaders, this was their favorite tribe practice.

Being the sacrifice, the North leader knelt and took the penises of the other rulers in his mouth. He masterfully sucked on the manhoods.

Later, the North found himself in between East and South, the first feeding his mouth with cock and the second plowing his ass. It was a requirement for the three men to moan as loud as they can so that the universe can hear their pleas.

The love making lasted for two days. When they returned to their tribes, they knew, they were ready to win the war.

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