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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

[SS-357] Emergency Bodybuilder


I first met him one summer, two years ago. 

My sister was having a bad asthma attack. So, I drove her to the emergency room of a hospital which was an hour away.

But she was already blue and losing her consciousness. In the middle of that night ride, we saw a house with a plaque saying, "MD."

I decided to stop the car. I carried my sister to the house. I frantically knocked on the door.

When the door opened, there was a well built man who answered it. He was wearing a wife beater. He had a rugged look. He seemed upset about the disturbance.

"I am so sorry. I need to see the doctor here," I pleaded, "I think my sister is in danger."

The man looked at the frail body in my hands and said, "she looks distressed. I am Dr. Ferlan." He took my sister from me, "I'll take it from here."

I followed him as he took her inside. He laid her on a hospital bed. He quickly managed the equipments. He wore a mask. He gave my sister oxygen while suctioning her mouth.

I was just beside her while I prayed for her recovery.

After thirty minutes, my sister's conditioned stabilized. He gave me papers with notes in it to show to the hospital where I would be bringing her after.

I handed him some bills. He gladly accepted without questioning. Even though I was pretty sure that the extent of what he did costed more than what I paid.

Before we left, he took of his mask and smiled, "you take care. I'm glad to be of service."

My sister got admitted in the hospital for five days until she was completely healed. I was all she had so I was the one who observed her after my work.

But after that encounter, I could not forget the image of the man who helped my sister. He looked so strong but his smile was so endearing. I thought then there was no way I could have gay feelings for a guy. 

After my sister got out of the hospital, I decided to pay his house a visit, just to find that the place was empty. The neighbors said he left two days ago to relocate somewhere.

So, I searched Dr. Ferlan on google. It had many hits. But I was sure of who to find, and was shocked when I found him.

Dr. Ferlan was also a bodybuilder. He joined competition. I saw pictures of him posing in just a suit and tan on his body. He was sexy. And it aroused me. I was confused.

I yearned to see him again, so I visited one of his competitions. I wanted to slap my face hard, because I was oggling at him like a high school girl. If only my ex girlfriends saw me like this, they'll laugh for sure.

I met with him after he won the match. I waited for the crowd to subside first.

"Hey, I remember you!" he noticed me.

I blushed, "ohhh you do?"

"Yeah, you were my last emergency client. How's her? Your sister?"

"She is good now. Thank you for your help. I tried to visit you a few days ago to say thank you personally. But you left already."

"Yeah. That place reminds me of bad memories."

"Oh yeah? Why?"

He scratched his head, "my ex boyfriend and I lived together for two years there. And then he left me for some other guy so... yah."

I flinched. I could not believe he was gay. He looked so masculine.

"Hey... uh... you want to uhm... come to dinner with me? I'll treat you..." I nervously offered.

He smiled, using that endearing smile, "sure. Let me just get this tan off me and get dressed."

Five months after, I find myself on my bed, naked. I cover my crotch with a pillow.

My boyfriend, Dr. Ferlan hails out of the bathroom. He was also naked, except for a face mask and surgical cap. His dick was already hard.

I turned around and spreak my ass cheeks, "I'm ready to be probed doctor."

"Good. I love that you're game with my wild sex antics." Then he slowly entered me. I started feeling good as he thrusted in me.

"I love you, Babe..." he whispers in my ear between fucks.

"I love you too... don't groan too loud. You might wake up my sister..."

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