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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[SS-258] Husband's Capture


Merj woke up with a heavy head. He has no recollection of whatever happened prior to him sleeping. To his surprise, he found himself lying on a ground full of grass and hay. He gained his consciousness completely and got up. To his surprise, he was naked except for the briefs that he wore night before.

"Fuck... What the hell... What happened...?" He stood up and walked around. His body felt tired. It seemed like a courtyard in the ruins. His sights did not catch anyone.

"You're awake," said a baritone voice.

He turned and saw a man by an old tank model.

The man was handsome and muscular, judging by his shirtless state.

"Who are you?" Merj asked.

"Not important," the man replied.

"What am I doing here?" he demanded.

The captor walked to him. "Your wife accumulated a large amount of debt at the casino. We asked her for collateral. She said, you'd be a useful asset that can be considered for payment. We checked and you and we decided to take you in to answer for her liabilities."

Merj was confused. He knew that his wife gambled. But he never thought she was addicted. He could not believe his wife sold him like he was some property.

"This is illegal. You can't take me, that's human trafficking! I'm leaving." However, as he started taking steps, he immediately became lethargic and fell on the ground.

The man looked down on him, "I slid something in your drinks at the bar last night. It will make you feel wobbly for forty eight hours. In a few hours, your buyer will be here to pick you up."

"Buyer?!" Merj spoke feeebly.

"You were sold to a wealthy gay man who is currently creating a stable of make concubines," the captor informed. Then he pulled his pants down, "while we wait, I think I need to practice your straight ass."

"Don't do this to me... Please..." Merj pleaded as the man removed his underwear.

Slowly, he felt a hard flesh enter his asshole. He weakly groaned in pain as the man repeatedly impaled cock inside him.

"Gawd. Your wife was right. You are handsome and hot. Our boss will be pleased. Gaaawd. So tight..." the captor on top of him murmured in ecstacy.

After minutes of fucking, Merj slowly felt tingling in his spine. He felt his own penis harden while touching the grass on the ground.

"You're moaning hard now. Gawd. You're a natural..." the man commented, "ugh ugh..." The thrusts came faster, deeper.

Merj thought, he should not make this evil man feel that he was enjoying being pounded. He thought too, that since his wife had exploited him, he might prefer whatever life awaits him at the stable.

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