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Friday, February 3, 2017

[SS-250] Beach Coaches


Mid-league break has come. You and the rest of the university soccer team has been awarded by the school administrators a beach excursion for successfully qualifying for the regionals.

Finally, you are away from your controlling cheerleader girlfriend. You take this opportunity to mess around.

You walk confidently wearing only your beach shorts, proudly waving at and flirting with the ladies who caught your attention. You are able to get the numbers of every single woman you talked with. You will decide on to whom you will spend your night with later.

You actually did not need to move. you just have to lean on a rock and show off your athletic body. Some of the girls tells you about a romantic section of the beach. You decide to check it out. However, you get lost. You find yourself in an area populated with men in different states of undress.

"Hey, hottie! Wanna make out!" shouts a big muscular man who wore only wore posing trunks. Then he winks at you.

You panic as you realize that you are in a gay spot of the beach. Just as you are about to sprint back to safety, you find two familiar men.

One is your coach. And the other is the coach of the rival team.

To add to your confusion, the two seemingly straight men are only wearing designer swim trunks. They are holding hands and are feeling each other's naked muscles.

"Hey! What are you doing here!" your coach calls you out

You eyes widen. "Ah I just got lost coach. What are you doing here."

Your coach smiles at the rival, "being in this beach was his idea. He told me about this all male resort. So, I left you and the team in that resort. This is where I want to be."

"You're gay?!" you exclaim in disappointment, "gawd. How could you hide something like this coach?! And why are you flirting with the rivals?!"

The coach laughed, "hiding?! Who told you I was hiding? You were just too dense to not realize that. Half of the team has had sex with me."

"What!" you growled.

"Well, since you're here now, might as well join the fun!" says the rival.

"No, I am leaving!"

But even before you can move, the two burly men sandwich you.

Your coach gets your front and kisses you squarely on the lips.

You try to resist but he is too strong. The rival coach kneels, removes your shorts and sucks your cock.

You attempt to shout but your coach's kiss sucks the voice out of you.

You feel a finger enter your ass.

You feel more bodies surrounding you. You hear gay men chattering.

A hard thing penetrates your ass. You are too weak to fight.

That night, instead of hitting it with a girl, you would become the center of a beach gangbang.

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