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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[SS-240] Maker's Statue


"Mr. Kaiser. It has been a week now. I don't think we will still be able to find him," said the CEO's executive assistant, "his family says that he just vanished. Never returned. Never contacted anyone. Maybe, he got lost... or got... killed... I don't know..."

The burly top most manager looked sly. Then he frowned, "ugh. What a waste. He was a good man. Well then. Tell HR to hire me a new executive driver."

"Yes Sir."

That day continued to be stressful for Mr. Kaiser. He lost a driver. Reports of wastage came to his office. However, he knew that things can only get better.

He went home from the office at 11pm. He had to drive for himself. When he got to his mansion, he was surprised to find the lost driver, standing together with the statue centerpieces.

Mr. Kaiser had always admired the driver's muscular physique. The man was now frozen with his arms up. His muscles hard and still as a stone.

He was beautiful.

"Did you like it Mr. Kaiser?" asked a familiar voice from beside him.

The CEO turned and saw the Maker. "you were able to turn him like this in just a week?"

The Maker smirked, "you paid me handsomely. I promised to deliver. And I did. I always do."

Mr. Kaiser looked up at the living statue. "I have always wanted him. But I was too scared to come on to him. I have a reputation to take care of."

"And now, he's yours. and noone will know. You can call him. Ask him to do whatever you want him to," the Maker oriented.

"Khim! Come down here and kiss me," Mr. Kaiser ordered.

Khim, the driver, moved. He quickly went down and met his boss. He kissed his new owner.

The Maker walked away, "I shall leave you two alone then."

"Suck me..." Mr. Kaiser hissed.

Khim knelt, unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants and gave him a spectacular trained blow job.

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