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Monday, January 9, 2017

[SS-239] Familiar Briefs


In the middle of his sleep, Rakmed was awoken by a loud thud from the other room.

He knew that room in that apartment complex where he was did not have any tenants, so he assumed it was suspicious.

He immediately went out of his room, not caring whether he was naked except for his white briefs. He silently eased his muscular body out and then quickly bolted into the other room.

A man was standing at the corner of the empty studio, beside the window where he most likely snuck in. Like Rakmed, the man was also muscular and just wore white briefs.

"Who are you?!" Rakmed bellowed, "and fuck... I know that brief. That's mine! You are the one who steals my underwear!"

But the man was unfazed, he was even looking at Rakmed seductively, "yes. I am your undie thief."

"I am going to beat up the crap out of you!" Rakmed ragefully lounged at the robber.

But the thief easily evaded him, got his body and tackled him, "I watch you in the gym. Your body is all iron and steroids. But you can't find a trained martial artist like me."

"You fucking fag stalker, I'm gonna get-- ARGHHH! OUCH THAT FUCKING HURTS!"

The man placed him in an even tighter, more painful lock. He was completely helpless and immobile.

"I give up!" Rakmed surrendered, "what do you want?"

"Your briefs!" the robber explaimed as he pulled his briefs away, "and your ass."

With one swift move, the thief removed his own brief, parted the mounds of Rakmed's ass and forcefully penetrated the hole with his long cock.

"Noooooo! Aaaaagh!" Rakmed squealed in pain.

But the thief knew he was powerless, and kept pumping-- until he was already whimpering.

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