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Friday, January 6, 2017

[SS-238] Flash Fuss


Ejan frowned as his two friends were boisterously laughing at him. For the tenth time, he lost the strip poker game they were playing.

His consecutive losses costed him all his clothes already. Except for a small hand towel that he used to cover his crotch, he was naked.

"How about that?! You lost another game again!" one of his friends teased

"What punishment do we give you now?! You've nothing on you!" the second jeered.

"Maybe, we should end this stupid game already," Ejan mumbled in frustration.

"No way," the first retorted, "we'll have fun with you one last time before we end this."

"Do a flash show at the balcony!" the second suggested.

"Yeah yeah!" the first agreed.

"It's the morning already!" Ejan said, "it's too dangerous!"

"Duh... it's like six AM. No one's out yet!" the second explain, "do it and we'll call it a night. Come on. Don't be a shady guy. You lost so face the consequences."

All the prodding and the alcohol in his body made him say yes reluctantly. He walked out the door to the porch. He took a deep breath and fanned out the towel, exposing his muscular body and gigantic dong to whoever might be in the hotel pool area.

Ejan thought he was already safe until he heard a male voice call out below, "that's hot, sexy!"

Ejan scanned the lower floor and saw a man lying on a pool recliner. All the man wore were designer trunks.

The man eased down his sunglasses and winked at him. Ejan quickly ran back to the unit in panic.

They all laughed about the incident and slept.

Ejan woke up earlier than his friends did. It was the afternoon. He wore his shorts and decided to walk around the hotel resort that his frat brothers were having a staycation in.

When he entered the elevator to go down, the man who saw his flashing was inside, still wearing just trunks. He noticed that the man was ripped.

The hunk smirked at Ejan, "aren't you the sexy guy showing your big dick at the balcony?"

Ejan stepped back. But the doors already closed, "it was just a joke with friends. I lost a bet. And I had to do it. No faggy shit man."

The man laughed. Then skinned his trunks down, exposing his hard cock, "let me return the favor."

Ejan's eyes widened. "What the fuck! Don't fucking do that here! Shit! Don't jack off here!"

The hunk pressed the emergency stop button. "I'm an EVP in this hotel. I know you want me too straight boy."

"I don't! I'm not a faggot... I'm not-- fuck shit. You got a nice ass..."

The EVP looked back as he bent over the side and spread his thighs. "Fuck me good babe. Who knows, I might give you hotel perks."

The pinkish hole invitingly winked at Ejan. "Oh yeah I'm fucking that gaddamit!"

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