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Monday, January 2, 2017

[SS-236] Friend's Call


Jemar was lying prone on his bed in the middle of the night. He could not sleep at all.

All he could think of was his friend Konan. Two nights ago, his teammate from the soccer school varsity caught him by surprise and kissed him in a shower cubicle they shared.

Jemar retaliated. He was not gay. And neither did he think Konan was too until their lips locked.

Jemar just broke up with his girlfriend of three years because she cheated on him. Konan was the guy who looked after him during the times he was depressed about it.

His mind was very much against it. But everytime Jemar recalls the incident, his feelings of disgust would be overpowered by the flutters of his heart. Maybe Konan means more than a friend to him after all.

Jemar got his phone and called up his friend.

After a few rings, he hears Konan's awkward voice, "Jemar... I'm sorry about two nights ago... I didn't know what I was thinking--"

"--I liked it too," he cut his friend.

"Oh. Oh wow," Konan said, relieved.

"I mean... I haven't done any gay shit before but... heck... maybe I can try it out with you," Jemar admitted.

"Oh gawd. Jemar... I don't know what to say... My cock's hard in my boxers now that I hear you saying that... oh wait sorry, too much info..."

Jemar gasped, "you're that hot for me?"

Konan chuckled, "you have no idea... Everyday I dream of your hard dick plowing my ass. I finger my hole while we talked over the phone before. Your body and your voice gets me off."

"You're ass fingering now?"

"Well, yeah... as soon as I heard your voice."

"Fuck. I wanna fuck that."

"Shit. Get over here and do me."

Jemar dropped the call and raced to his friend's dorm.

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  1. I really like the way you are Jemar, to be true to your feeling & to be WHO YOU ARE! I obviously admire you... Good luck!