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Monday, November 28, 2016

[SS-221] Dream Janitor


Jhamz saw Khali, the hottest janitor in the building, cleaning the fiber glass walls of the office from the outside.

All he wore was dark green boxers and a thin sheet of sweat that covered his muscular body. He moved the wall mop: up and down, up and down.

Jhamz just watched in awe of the muscular form until Khali stopped and caught his breath.

The janitor looked at the spectator, smiled and winked.

"Are you alright, Sir Jhamz?"

Jhamz woke up. He was sleeping in his station. In front of him was Khali the janitor, who was clothed in uniform.

Of course, it was all just a dream. No one would work almost naked in a public place.

"Yeah, I just dozed off," Jhamz replied.

Khali grinned, "you were calling my name out while you were dreaming that's why I cane here, Sir."

Jhamz blushed, "oh was I? I dreamed I was in the office and I asked you to do something." He hoped his excuse would work.

"Oh I see," Khali said smiling, "by the way, the painting job you asked me to do in the other room is almost done. Maybe you can check it out after work."

Jhamz nodded, "s-sure."

Then Khali left.

Jhamz sighed. He should stop napping at work. He did not realize that his dreams were that wild.

After office, he proceeded to the room to check on the paint job. To his surprise, Khali was there on the ladder with a brush on his hand, wearing only tight white boxer briefs.

Jhamz slapped himself, thinking the exposed sexy body was also just another dream.

Khali smirked, "earlier you were dreaming of me? Because, you muttered in your sleep, 'Khali you're so sexy. Let me fuck you while you're cleaning.'"

Jhamz swallowed. "I-- I--"

"Hey, Sir. It's all cool." Then Khali slipped off his undies, "you can fuck me sir."

To Jhamz surprise, he saw a small dildo was lodged in the janitor's ass.

"Gawd. You're fucking sexy."

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