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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[SS-219] Student Dancer


Mr. Ballard could not believe his eyes.

His top student in his college class, Alcid, is on stage in front of the gay disco club that he was in.

His fresh, handsome face garnered cheers from the crowd. His perfect muscular body that was usually covered in school uniform in school, was then exposed and highlighted by body shimmer and stage lights. His blue tight briefs showed his bulge.

Mr. Ballard wanted to bolt out right there and then, as his affiliation with a prestigious university does not allow hom to be in such a place of ill-repute. However, he decided he cannot miss out seeing the erotic show of his sexiest student.

And Alcid was truly sexy. His body gyrated like fluid to the trance beats. The teacher was entranced by just looking at the student's moving body.

The lucky men by the stage were able to reach out to the boy to touch his body after inserting bills by the trunk's garters.

Mr. Ballard prayed that his student does not find him in the dark corner.

His segment on the show ended. He went back to the backstage. And there was a break for everyone in the audience to dance.

Mr. Ballard cannot leave just yet. His big boner is well pronounced in his jeans. He would look stupid walking out with it.

"Mr. Ballard," a familiar voice called him from behind.

He shivered as he turned around. His almost naked student stood by him.


The student looked concerned. "Please don't let anyone know I am here. I need this to pay my tuition."

"Okay. But please keep our meeting a secret here too."

"You bet. I can't believe my hottest history teacher is gay. Damn. I liked you eversince."

Mr. Ballard blushed, "you're joking."

"I am not. Want to dance?" Alcid invited cheerfully.

"No. Thanks."

"Come on. I saw you looking at me really intently. Let's dance."

Mr. Ballard shook his head. He cannot stand being close to such a sexy body.

Alcid chuckled and ran back to the stage. He grabbed the mic from the emcee and pointed at him. "Hey guys, take that sexy man over him. I'm gonna dance with him." Then he gave back the mic and gestured his teacher to come. Then the dancer posed like a bodybuilder.

Mr. Ballard panicked and tried to run however the crowd got a hold of him and pulled him onto the stage.

Alcid took him by the waist. "Come on. Let's have fun before our next class tomorrow. Dance with me and you get to take me home tonight."

Then the student kissed him deeply. It melted all his resistance.

Alcid smirked as he turned around and grinded his but on the teacher's crotch.

Mr. Ballard was concerned about being discovered. But he was too horny thinking he may fuck this hot ass later.

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