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Friday, August 25, 2017

[SS-337] Hunk Surprise!


HunkSurprise: Hey, hottie. Where are you now?

SwimLyf: Hey hotshot. I just finished my laps at the pool.

HunkSurprise: Hey, I wanna see you.

Norval quickly went to the shower area of the pool and took a picture of himself in front of the mirror he knew he looked sexy in his designer swim trunks.

He cropped his head from the photo and sent his body pic to one of his Grindr chatmates, HunkSurprise.

SwimLyf: Here you go, babe.

HunkSurprise: Fuck. You are hot as fuck. But I wanna see beyond pictures. I see you are near me. Are you near WestMall? Let's meet!

SwimLyf: Alright. Sure. Will meet you. Give me ten minutes.

Norval quickly showered and dressed up. He rushed to the mall and went to the center atrium where he agreed to meet his suitor.

After waiting for two minutes, he heard a familiar voice.


He flinched. He turned around and saw Regan, his girlfriend's older brother.

Awkwardly, Norval received his invite for a high five. 

"Hey, my sister told me you cancelled on your date with her tonight because you had things going on at work, what are you doing here?" Regan asked.

Norval stutteted as he invented a lie. "Ohh ahh yeah. I just finished the meeting with some clients. Finished earlier than I thought. So, I went for a swim. I was thinking of inviting her now, but she might be at home already."

"Yeah, she is. She might even be dozing off already," Regan dismissed, "by the way, are you up to something now?"

"Awww, strolling the mall and then heading home," Norval decided.

"Hey, tell you what. I have two passes to a spa nearby. My colleague bailed out on me at the last minute. If you're free, you can tag along," Regan invited.

Norval felt pressured, "hmm. Alright."


While walking to the venue, Norval discreetly messaged his supposed SEB date.

SwimLyf: Sorry, dude! I had a girlfriend emergency. I'll make it up to you promise.

They went to separate massage rooms when they got to the spa. Norval felt relaxed under the hands of the therapist. It was a bummer to have his booty call interrupted but this one was worth the inconvenience.

After the massage he decided to go to the Japanese jacuzzi bath. He was surprised to find that Regan was already naked and submerged in the water

Norval gasped. The man under the water was a hot hunk. He would seduce this guy in a heartbeat. But Regan was his girlfriend's brother. He would not want to destroy his cover.

"Hey, the water's relaxing. Hop in!" Regan invited.

Norval swallowed. He took off his robe and dipped his naked body in the warm water beside the athletic body.

"The massage must have made you feel good. You're hard," Regan commented while looking down on him.

Norval covered his crotch and blushed, "oh haha. Yeah."

"So, where's that sexy red trunks of yours?" Regan asked naughtily.

"What?" He asked confused.

"The one you sent me earlier.."

Norval's jaw dropped. "You're Hunk..."

"...Surprise!" then Regan leaned down and kissed him.

After the long kiss, Norval muttered,. "how did you know?"

"Doesn't matter." Regan grinned standing up and then faced him. The hard cock was as beautiful as the dick pic that was sent to him.  

Norval did not need instructions. He sucked his girlfriend's brother's penis right away.

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