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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[SS-321] Left Car


Timmy posted a picture in his twitter account. It was an image of him inside a car parked in an open space. It was captioned, "hello everyone. Just got here at the mall, to fetch my mom. She says I've to wait for an hour more. Say hi when you see me!"

Timmy considered himself a true-blue millennial. He was always online. His clothes are trendy. He worked out like other pornosexual boys on the net. Because of his frequent selfies and posts, and his handsome looks and fit body, he garnered a huge spawn of followers. 

Comments and come ons gratified him. That was why he frequently posts on the net.

He received a lot of public comments and private messages from boys and girls, complimenting him and inviting him for dates and booty calls. He was a fuccboi so enjoyed every bit of attention.

He was surprised with one direct message he received. It came from a headless and topless profile account in twitter named Corpguy. He dismissed it as a gay man who hides anonymously in the net.

It was a picture of a man sitting buck naked on the driver's seat, with his seatbelt on. Aside from a gorilla sticker on the face, the man's glorious physique was on display.

It was not the first time that Timmy received indecent messages from men. He was bisexual so he also enjoyed it. However, he did not have the desire to entertainment through online. He was scared that his reputation as a giggolo may be dampened.

Except for this one. There was something about this image that ignited heat in him.

There was a message under the picture. 

"Hey there. I saw your pic. I think you're the guy to my left. Wanna see the dick covered by my thighs? Look to your right."

Timmy turned and gasped. Through his window, he saw the car beside his. It's window was down. The driver, who was obviously the man in the picture, was slowly jacking off a long cock and looking at him.

Corpguy's face was dashing. 

Timmy swallowed. His defenses started to crumble. He wanted to touch the sexy man exhibitionist.

Corpguy mouthed for him to come over.

Timmy sighed and went out of his car. He quickly ran around and entered the other car. It was hot inside. But the head emanating from the driver's body was smoking.

"Hey," he greeted tentatively, eyeing on the sweaty body and the hard cock.

"Hey to you too. I've been a fan. I kinda felt you swung my way, so when I saw you through your untinted windows and matched it with your post, I just had to message you," Corpguy muttered.

Timmy could not answer. He just licked his lips.

"Come here." Then the man pushed his head to the cock. He sucked on it immediately.

He was not the sucking type, but he made sure he treated this dick right. He even reached for the guy's nipples and flicked them.

It did not take long for Corpguy to cum. He allowed the semen to gush inside his mouth. He willingly swallowed it all.

Timmy got up afterwards and kissed the man. "You need to send me more nude pics more often, dude."

Corpguy laughed, "sure thing. You still got an hour before you fetch mommy right?"


"How do you feel about me fucking you in the back seat?" Corpguy suggested smirking.

Timmy smiled, "sure!"

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