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Monday, July 17, 2017

[SS-320] Two Castaways


You walk to the water after regaining your consciousness. You are in a rocky and sandy coastline of an island you do not remember being in.

All you recall is you were in a boat trip. While you were by the ledge, suntanning in your black trunks, you felt someone forced a towel of pungent chemicals on your face and throwing you into the water.

"What sick person would even do that?!" you mutter angrily to yourself.

You try to look for escape paths, but the forest behind you is too thick and unsettling. Everything else is blue. You hesitate trying to swim to safety, because aside from the fact that you are not the best swimmer, you are also clueless about the direction you need to go.

While walking around, you suddenly feel a surge of horniness engulfing your body. You become sweaty and your cock tightens your suit. The libido rush was too strong. You hold on to a rock to support yourself from falling.

You are weirded out about how your body acts. Before you can even touch yourself, you hear the sound of a boat engine.

You grab a long tree branch and get onto the edge of the rocky shore. You start waving the stick and shouting for help.

However, the people on the motorboat did not see you. It continued on its path.

Frustrated, you throw the branch and start walking to the woods to take advantage of the sunlight. Luckily, there were edible fruits there that you can eat and there are no animals and other dangerous elements. While trekking, your erection is sustained.

You reach the other end of the island. You notice that there is another guy in the shore. You quickly run to him.

You find that the other man sitting is also naked except for designer trunks. He also sports a muscular body and a handsome face like yours.

"Sir, where are we? Are you from here?! I need get to the resort. My friends are waiting there!" you frantically exclaim.

The man snorts, "no luck. Let me guess, you are also someone who fell of the boat in the middle of the trip. And then you found yourself here. The boats that pass by can't see you to rescue you."

You gasp in surprise.

"And one more thing. You are so horny and it does not quell down," he adds.

You shake your head, "wait. Who are you? How do you know that?"

"Well, I experienced the same thing. I have been here for eight months. I think this place is cursed," he responds, "from the falling to the crying out for help, to the perennial hard on. Gah. That's me too."

"Wait. I don't believe you," you retort, "you're still ripped. Don't tell me you have a gym and supplements here."

"I know right? That's why I think this place is haunted, because I can go on for weeks without food, and I'm still fucking healthy and fuck, you think this is my bod when I got here? No, it magically became better!" he tells you excitedly.

"Woah, that's amazing!" you mutter.

He grins, "that's why I stopped trying to get out of here. Because this is the exact crazy lazy life I want!"

Somehow, that act appeals so much to you. "Well, I hope I am not that much of a disturbance."

He shakes his head and stands up near you, "naaah. At least now I have someone else to spend this paradise with."

Your eyes meet. Hunger consumes you. Your lips crush each other in a wild kiss. His hard and gooey hardon smashes with yours. 

"And finally, someone to share this horniness with," he coos as he fondles your bulge, "I'm not gay but fuck. You are hot. And this magic feeling wants me to get fucked by you."

You smirk, "well then. Let's start this long time island fucking right now. Bend over and show me that sexy ass of yours!"

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