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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

[SS-318] Narcissistic Doctor


The medical director closed the laptop as soon as he saw the sensational picture. He marched towards the operating room wing of the hospital.

That hospital was run and funded by a religious organization and was known for its competent services and conservative values.

Very recently, one of the young surgeons who worked in the agency became an internet sensation. He posted a body selfie of himself, wearing blue scrubs, cap and mask. He was lifting up the upper garment to show his abs.

Because of his perfect physique, the surgeon's image went viral on social media. Consequently, random admirers had been sharing the post in media. One by one, his female ex flames started commenting on the post about how wild he was wild in bed. 

The surgeon was not married and their institution frowns upon premarital sex.

The director asked for the internet celebrity. He was lead by the nurses to an operating theater where the surgeon was alone checking instruments.

Indeed, the man looked dashing even with face partly covered. He can tell that the body working in green scrubs was muscular.

"Doctor. I have seen your viral picture. You have to take it down," the director ordered.

The surgeon stopped in surprise and seemed taken aback of the presence of the highest doctor in the hospital, "good day Doc. But I don't see anything wrong with it!"

"You are dragging the name of our company in shame. Your girlfriends are saying very sexual things and you are responding to them!" the head was enraged, "I don't care if you are a guy who likes attention. But you have to delete it or I fire you for grounds of morality?"

The surgeon lifted his upper scrub. "You mean fire me for having such a hot body? Well, I bet you can't do it."

"What?! You are disrespectful! I am firing--"

"Bet you want to touch my abs and chest?" the surgeon seduced.

"What?!" the director retorted. But indeed, he was staring in marvel of the exposed torso.

The hunk took his and brought it to the proud chest. "Yeah dude. You want to touch it. If you had a body like this, you won't hide it in scrubs."

The director swallowed, "I see your point but uhmm..."

The surgeon took his head and brought it to the nipple. 

The director instinctively sucked on it. He could not believe he was going gay and hot for this young physician. His hands wondered other parts of the physique. His palm reached for the cock. It was hard under the pants.

"Hey, why don't you suck it and add to the comments in the post?" the surgeon muttered hungrily.

Robotically, the director knelt and pulled the pants down. He sucked on the hardening penis. The comments were right. It was one tasty as hell dick.

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