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Monday, July 10, 2017

[SS-317] Hard Match


That afternoon, Kang took on Lishen, a state champion for wrestling. Kang was one of the trainees who was also one of the athlete's sparring partners.

In the middle of grappling on the mat, Lishen suddenly struggled and ejected away from his hold. "What the fuck man?!"

Kang was dumbfounded as he laid spread eagled.

The coach rushed to them and asked, "what is wrong here?!"

Lishen pointed angrily at him. "You kept rubbing your hard crotch on me! You sick bastard!"

Kang gasped. "What the heck?! I'm not even--" He looked down. And indeed he was sporting a bulge in his singlet.

The coach touched the athlete, "what? That happens all the time! Adrenaline and friction creates erections among wrestlers. It's nothing faggoty or sexual."

Lishen shook his head. "No. I'll practice on my own for the rest of this day. I don't wanna him near me."

Extremely annoyed, Kang just leapt up to his feet and marched away. He decided to retire to the locker room and clean himself.

While under the shower, he thought about what happened. Yes. He spontaneously had an erection. But there was no way it was because he was getting hard because of Lishen's handsome face and muscular body. He was straight.

Kang dried himself after the bath and wore his clothes. When he got out of the locker and into the gym, he saw Lishen alone, doing stretching exercises on the bar. 

Kang decided to confront the man. However, as he got nearer, Lishen jumped off and started walking away.

Determined, Kang ran after the athlete, held his arm and stopped him, "hey, dude! About earlier. I want to explain! I am not perving on you okay? You're just overreacting."

Lishen pulled away, "let go of me!"

Kang was enraged, "hey! Damn you! You may be a champion wrestler but I am going to beat you up into a pulp if you persist on thinking about me that way!"

"Go away, Kang!" Lishen shrieked hoarsely.

"No! Not until you explain why--"

Kang was stopped when Lishen suddenly pulled him in and kissed him squarely on the mouth.

Kang was surprised. He wanted to struggle because it was weird. But Lishen was such a good kisser. He could not help but respond to his kisses.

Lishen suddenly pulled away, guilt written all over his face. "Darn you! Darn you sexy man! I can't stand you cocking me cause I can't focus! I'm getting hot and bothered. Fuck you!"

Kang was flabbergasted. The state's handsomest macho wrestler just came out and on to him. He felt elated.

"Hey," Kang mumbled softly, "I am not judging you. I mean... I'm straight but I... I think you're sexy too."

Lishen blushed, "oh Kang. You just don't know how long I've been dreaming of you fucking me."

The idea titilated Kang. "Hey. We can make that dream happen." Then he pulled down the man's half worn red singlet and exposed his privates.

Lishen let Kang turn his body around and bend it.

Kang put out his dick and pistoned in Lishen. Both of their moans filled the gym.

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