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Friday, May 19, 2017

[SS-295] Production Assistant


You turn to who spoke. It is the production assistant who is a part of your staff for that filming. He is standing by the studio trailer with his headphones on.

"The main actor is still not yet here. Gawd, I hope he gets here soon, because the staff has already set up in the house where the shooting will be done," you reply exasperatedly.

"That's strange. He is never late," he comments.

You scratch your head, "I know. But when he heard about the scene requirements, he kind of hesitated. Ugh. What a bluff."

He laughs, "oh yeah. The sexy seductor scene. Haha. Well, he could get a double if he wants. We just take his topless shot and then the lower shot with another guy."

"Yeah, but who? It's too late to recruit. And my film's budget can't hire anymore extras."

"I can do it," he volunteers, "I think I have a good enough body to match his. We have the same skin color. I'm just three inches shorter."

You look at him intently. It is only now that you notice that his shirt is packing some muscles. "Okay. But I need to see first."

You invite him inside the trailer and then hand him the costumes. He goes inside a compartment and emerges wearing the sexy red trunks and designer coat.

"Wooow..." you gasp.

"Did I pass?" he asks smiling.

"Is all that muscle real? You are packed!"

"Why don't you come here, touch it. See for yourself."

You place your hand on his chest. It is hard and warm. 

"So, you think I can work that erotic bed scene?" he asks naughtily.

"Oh I don't know. There's more than just being naked in the scene," you explain, still clutching his arms, "you have to move like a sex god. I need to see you kiss and--"

He suddenly locks your lips in a kiss. You immediately get hard.

"How was that?" he inquires while holding you.

"Amazing," you respond dreamily and kiss him again.

Suddenly, someone enters the trailer, "oh good! You found a double!"

You both turn to the door and see the actor.

"Will you let me be your double?" chimes the prod assistant.

The actor rakes his eyes on the naked body. "Hell yeah. You are one bed scene bod."

"Wait. I need to see you do a simulated pumping scene," you cut.

The actor dropped his pants and turn around, "why don't you pump here for practice, Mr. Double?"

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