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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[SS-294] Paternal Envy


The cameras kept flashing at the younger and older fitness competion duo that was standing in the holding area for contestants.

It was historic for that year's contest. A father and son joined the body physique competition in the senior and junior divisions respectively.

Mr. Sosimo Senior was a crowd favorite. He had won the junior division ten years ago and his body just got better as he aged.

Sosimo Junior had a less bulky body, but he was as ripped as his father. Also, he had boyish looks that he got from his mother.

After posing for the press and taking interviews, all competitors took a break. Two guys from the junior division walked up to the father and asked for flexing tips. Also, they expressed their admiration for the older man's build by touhing his muscles.

Sosimo Junior saw this and was pissed. He marched to the comfort room.

After a few moments, the father followed him. "Hey Junior. Are you alright?"

"Can't you see, Dad? They're flirting with you! And you are just enjoying them worshiping your muscles while I am there watching!" the son grumbled.

Sosimo Senior placed his hand on the younger man's chest, "heyy... Son... Don't feel bad. I know what they were doing and it means nothing to me. But I will not entertain them should they want me to sleep with them. No."

The son just frowned.

The father checked if they were alone, and when he was certain, he kissed Junior. "You're the only guy who can have me son... I love you. You are the sexiest guy here."

The younger man blushed, "thanks Dad. But you're way too sexy right now. Wearing just that sexy black suit."

They kissed again while rubbing each other's bulges.

The older man grinned, turned around, pushed his trunks down and showed his ass. He poked his own hole with his finger. "You wanna fuck your old man? Just a quickie in the cubicle before we head back out for the preliminaries.

Sosimo Junior brought out his cock and slowly jacked it off. "Oh definitely. And then I'll fuck you all night after tonight's competition."

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