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Monday, May 15, 2017

[SS-293] Exercise Strings


Sem was walking across the beach under the heat of the noon. It was the mid-season break of the television show he starred in as a supporting actor.

After a tiring month of daily tapings, Sem finally had a chance to relax. He was excited for three days and two nights of vacation in a semi-private beach resort. The place was frequented only by rich folks. He wanted privacy.

Sem was going around wearing only his blue designer trunks, something that his managers would not allow him to wear in an ordinary resort, because he was being packaged as a conservative matinee idol.

However, he felt bad that he had a ripped body but not many avenues to flaunt it. So, he took these vacation periods to swim using his colorful suits.

Sem stopped by a tree to rest. He gasped upon seeing a hot young man sitting by on the sand.

The man had a hunky physique and wore a starred red trunks. He was reading a book while tanning himself. The bulge inside the speedos looked big.

This was another reason why Sem loved these beach excursions, he would have the chance to act on gay feelings that his managers warned him against to maintain his career.

And this man, would be this vacation's fling.

Sem went out into the open and saw stretchable exercise strings lying around. He started using it to do lat spreads. He gave suggeted looks at his subject.

Just as Sem expected, the hunk noticed him and stood up. The man seemed pleased upon seeing him and walked up to him.

The stud pointed him, "you're that guy from TV? Sem?"

Sem stopped, "yeah that's me."

"Gawd man! You're ripped! They should be giving you more undressed shots on screen!" he commented.

Sem blushed, "aw shucks. But hey, looks who's talking. You're the one who's ripped."

"Yeah. My family owns a publishing company. I head the fitness mags," he replied. "Mind if I try those cables?"


The two of them swapped places. 

Sem could not keep his eyes off the handsome hunk whose muscles got bigger as they contracted with the motion.

A crowd was starting to form as the people realized the TV star was there, and so is another delectable man.

"You want me Mr. TV guy?" the man asked grinning as he continued to pull the cables.

"Oh shit. Yeah," Sem whispered.

"Look at my speedo bulge. It is hard for you."

Sem looked down and saw that the trunks were straining. He licked his lips.

"Touch it," the stud muttered.

"I can't. There are people watching," he hesitated.

"It's either you touch it now, or you won't get it."

Totally hypnotized by the sexiness before him, Sem moved closer and touched the lycra covered bulge.

He heard mumbles and gasps from the crowd.

"That's it. Now suck it hot guy. Suck it now or never."

Sem fell on his knees, freed the cock and sucked it.

Camera flashes went off as he devoured the sexy man's dick.

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