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Friday, May 5, 2017

[SS-289] Rooster Prize


You ascertain if the man standing on the front lawn is the one you have been looking for. He fits the bill of what your gay friends have told you: tall, dark skinned, middle aged, muscular and masculine. 

He is shirtless and holds and pets a rooster on his hand. This must be him.

"Are you Mr. Maing?" you ask nervously when you closed in on him.

He looks skeptically at you and the box that you are holding. "What do you want?!" he growled.

"I got you a new cockfighter. My friends told me that you collected roosters and you accept this as uhm... payment?" you offer.

He takes the box from you and opens it. He sees the big, male fowl inside, that you bought from the black market.

He gasps, "oh fuck! This is an excellent breed!"

You clasp your hands together. "So... Do I uhm... get the goods?"

He closes the box and carries it with one hand. "Alright. Come inside the house."

He leads you inside the large, wooden, ancestral house. He brings you to a door and opens it.

There is a younger, lean, man on the floor, doing situps in just his black briefs. He jerks in panic upon seeing them and tries to cover his body with his arms. "What the fuck Papa?!"

The father pats your shoulder. "Son, this generous man gave me a well bred fighter. Why don't you show our gratitude?"

You lick your lips as you stare at the teenage meat on the floor. Your friends were right. The village's avid rooster collector has a son, who willingly offers his son whenever a gay man gifts him with a new fighter.

The son's face crumples, "gawd Papa. Is this another of your 'Cock for Cock' deals?!"

The father pulls him up and pulls down his briefs, "stop being such a pussy. You have done this before. Just let him suck you!"

You no longer ask for permission. You have paid for this service. You kneel and take the long dick in your mouth. It is as delicious as your friends tell you.

The boy seems reluctant, but he is moaning already

The father reaches out for the butt of his son and fingers its hole, "lemme prepare his hole for you. You get the prize of fucking him too because of the nice rooster you gave me."

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