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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

[SS-282] Disappearing Act


Olan felt very uneasy being in that theater. The crowd was mostly populated by ladies who were giddily anticipating for the show to start.

"Thanks honey for being here with me," his girlfriend who was beside him told him while holding his hand.

"'Beef Magic?' Seriously honey? I've seen his reviews and people say his magic is elementary. He is just handsome and hunky that is why he has a lot of patrons," Olan said sarcastically.

"Haha. It's my birthday. Let me enjoy this gift. You know you're still the sexiest macho man in my life..."

He grinned. "I better be."

"Okay. The show is starting!"

"Ladies and gentlemen!" boomed the speakers, "BEEF MAGIC!"

High pitched screams filled the place as the curtains parted. Smoke circled the dark stage and then the magician walked out. 

It was Beef Magic. The bodybuilder cum magician, who does his magic tricks while showing off his body in a black posing suit.

Olan was impressed with the magician's buff body. Even the bulge in front of the trunks was promising.

Beef Magic started doing trick after trick while doing sexy muscle poses in between. He never spoke. He just made fire, rabbits, flowers and confetti appear. At time he would point to women to be volunteer assistants. The lady audiences would cheer both in amazement and awe at the sexiness.

Olan's skepticism faded as he thought how good Beef Magic was for being able to do tricks witgout thick suits and coats which usual magicians use to hide their secrets.

To his surprise, the magician pointed to him. His girlfriend prodded him to volunteer. The women were clapping and seemingly pleased that another sexy man was going to be on stage.

The magician motioned him to stand in the middle. Suddenly a huge black cloth fell on them. He struggled in the darkness under the thick veil upon them.

He felt the magician's strong body envelope him. He could not resist the heat that emanated from it. Then he got kissed. It was passionate and deep. It defeated him. Then a cold air swept. The veil was pulled off from them.

Beef Magic stepped away and pointed at him.

The ladies in the audience hooted.

Olan looked down and saw that his clothes were gone. He was wearing a tight skimpy swimsuit which was not the underwear he wore before going up on stage. His clothes was nowhere to be found. His muscular body was covered in smoke. He inhaled and felt relaxed by its smell.

A stage assistant came to him and pulled him offstage. "We will send you back to the audience. But Beef Magic has chosen you tonight. Please wait in his dressing room. The show will have a break in a few minutes."

Olan's mind was too hazy. The next thing he knew he was in a small, empty dressing room. 

He did not wait long. The door opened and Beef Magic went in with a sly smile.

"What did you-- how come-- why?" Olan could not finish his sentences. Being around such a strong presence aroused him. He felt his cock strain against the suit he was wearing.

Without a word, Beef Magic knelt in front of him, took his briefs off and sucked his cock.

"Holyyyy ahhhh oh my..." It was the first time a man sucked his cock. He could not believe a sexy, handsome, mysterious hunk was his first.

Because of overwhelming horniness, Olan came and unloaded in the magician's mouth. The sucker swallowed all his cum.

Beef Magic stood and said, in a deep voice, "I am satiated. You may return to your seat."

"Can I see you again?" Olan asked dreamily.

Beef Magic smiled and kissed him. "I am looking for a new assistant to help me satisfy my needs. Your cock seems big enough to satisfy my ass. Do you fuck good?"

"Yes! Yes!" he replied giddily.

"And will you leave that girl you're with in the audience seat? For me?"

"Yes. Take me, please."

Beef Magic smirked, held his hand, brought it to the magician's bubble butt and muttered. "Then wait here. After the show, this is all yours."

Then they kissed once more.

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