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Monday, March 27, 2017

[SS-272] Ruru's Father


Mr. Cadrid went to the small private fitness gym inside his house. It was a few days after he grounded his son Ruru after seeing the boy getting intimate with another male.

There is no way that his only son can be gay. If he had to go through painful lengths to convert Ruru, then he would still do it.

The rich businessman decided to pump heavy iron that night to release his anger.

Mr. Cadrid took off his shirt and left his jockstrap on. He felt more motivated to workout everytime he worked in the nude. He also liked being able to readily see his jacked muscles through the mirrored walls. For his age, he knew he was specially muscular.

It was his leg day so he placed the plates on the machine, laid down the declined bench and started pushing the platform with his feet. After a few reps, he was already starting to perspire.

Suddenly, he felt two bare men approached him and siezed his limbs.

"What the fuck! Let me go!" shouted Mr. Cadrid as he struggled.

But the two men were much stronger and held him tighter everytime he tried to let go. They would punch him and twist his arms everytime he would get too jerky.

The two men also blind folded him.

When he was too weak because of the pain that was inflicted upon him, he was already motionless above the bench with his hands and knees down. He was whimpering in pain.

Suddenly, a hard prick entered his asshole.

"AHHH FUCK THAT FUCKING HURTS!" Mr. Cadrid complained as a long cock ravaged his behind.

But the attack did not stop. Hands started slapping his ass as he was fucked. He tried shouting for help, but no one seemed to be noticing his distress.

Until suddenly, Mr. Cadrid felt something different in the middle of the man's hard thrusts. He was already starting to like the feeling.

"Ohhh gawd. Yesss. Shit. Fuck me... Fuck me hard..." he moaned as he pushed his butt back to the penis that was fucking him.

"Yes... Fuck him hard. Fuck my dad hard." 

It was Ruru's voice.

"Son... Whyyy what's happening?!" Mr. Cadrid exclaimed.

"You can't accept my being gay, then I decided to turn you gay," Ruru replied laughing, "don't worry Dad. The gardener and the plumber are good tops. They'll make you feel good. And who knows I just might enjoy your ass too!"

Even before Mr. Cadrid could answer, a cock entered and fucked his mouth.

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