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Friday, March 10, 2017

[SS-265] VR Headset


Danry was so excited about his new VR. He got it for a very low cost in a blank market for gadgets. He was provided with a link by the vendor where he was told to download free games.

He went online and downloaded the first game that was registered on the website. It was entitled, "Wild Wander."

He wore the VR set and logged in the game. There was a text that appeared, "find your partner." Then the scene changed to a field of tall grass. He saw his image on the screen: naked except for blue trunks. Even his thick musculature was identical with the character.

Danry was confused since there was still no clear instructions. However, as he imagined himself walking, his character also walked into the field. This awed Danry. The game could read his mind and he did not need any controller to move his character.

So, he continued just ordering his character to wander around. Magically, he could feel the air and leaves brushing on his body as his character came in contact with them.

Danry stopped when the scene got cleared of grass. And then he saw another man with an athletic body wearing black tight boxers. 

Danry got more confused why his loins stirred upon seeing the man. He exchanged intense stares with the hunk.

They walked towards each other.

"I am Kenn," said the man, still looking intensely.

"I am Danry..." he replied.

Then the two characters kissed and removed their last clothing. They got onto the asphalt ground and started sucking each other's cock in 69 position. Then they took turns fucking. They came inn each other's ass.

After the pornographic scene starring him ended, Danry removed the VR. He was catching his breaths. He was still on his bed where he last found himself before playing the game. However, his crotch was already way with cum.

Danry was torn. He was straight. And the recent weird and unexplainable virtual experience got him confused but exhilarated.

Then his phone rang. He removed his phone from the VR set and answered it. "Hello."


"Who is this?"

"Kenn. I think we found each other in the 'Wild Wander' game earlier. Your number was just sent to my email."

"What happened there?!"

"I also don't know... I just woke up from the game... With cumstain on my shorts."

"Me too..."

"Was it really you? I mean do you really look like the man in blue trunks... The one my virtual self had... sex with?"

"Yeah. I work out a lot. How about you?"

"Yeah, that was my actual image you had sex with. I'm straight but let me just say this. You were hot. What we did in the game was hot."

"Oh. Ah... Yeah. Shiiiit. It's weird. Mind blowing. I don't even know if it was just really a game or it was a real thing!"

"Hey... Maybe if you're free... We can try... Uhm... Doing the real thing?"

"Ohhh? Uhmm... Yeeah. Yeah sure. Let's do it, man."

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