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Friday, February 24, 2017

[SS-259] Bodybuilder's Son


Nooj was looking at the portrait in his father's room. It was a large framed gray-scale monochrome photograph of the man, posing as a bodybuilder in his younger age.

The man in the picture was handsome, muscular and proportionate body. Even in black and white it can be gleaned that the skin was flawless. And the bulge in the suit was sizeable.

Nooj have always idolized his father, who had been a professional fitness model and champion body builder for twenty years.

Nooj knew he had to work hard to be like his father. He started lifting weights since he was fifteen. He faced the mirror and found his image that was almost close to the one in the photograph. Wearing only blue briefs, he looked like the younger version of his father.

His father has always told him how satisfying it was to lift weights and see the results. Nooj started to feel hot. His bulge was getting hard just by seeing the sight of his own physique.

The cellphone on the desk showed a text from his father: "Nooj, come here at the top."

He quickly went to the rooftop. There he saw his father, much older than the one in the picture but still sporting an equally hard musculature, all sweaty after finishing an in place jog.

Nooj started feeling excited just by seeing the man he had always admired.

"There's a new contest, want to join?" the older man declared, "you didn't win last time. Maybe this is the time for you to redeem yourself. Show me your poses."

Nooj started intricately assuming the different poses. Sweat started to trickle down his skin as they were in the open under the sun.

His father was circling around him, observing his every muscle. "You are doing it perfectly. How come you lost last time?"

Nooj blushed, "I wasn't that inspired."

The man went behind him and slid his finger in Nooj's hole, "how is that for an inspiration?"

"Ugh. Dad. Fuck me. I've been a good boy... Fuck me please..."

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