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Friday, January 13, 2017

[SS-241] Immigration Officer


"Who are you traveling with?" asked the immigration officer, with a heavy Asian accent and a high pitch voice.

"I am traveling with my girlfriend," Blakey replied, "you interviewed her before me."

Blakey noted that the officer was quite handsome: a clear face, smiling eyes and pinkish lips. His tight uniform also showed a fit body underneath.

The Asian native smiled welcomingly. "Enjoy your stay in my country."

The next five days was a whirlwind for Blakey. He and his girlfriend went to many destinations in that exotic nation.

The morning before the night of their scheduled flight back home, Blakey decided to go to the gym near the lodging home where they stayed. He planned to have one final workout before they leave the country.

To his surprise, he found the immigration officer from his arrival. The man noticed him and walked to him.

"Hello there!" the officer greeted him.

Blakey pointed to himself, "you remembered me?!"

"Yeah. I sometimes recall the foreigners I deal with."

"Nice. Man, you got a nice body!" Blakey complimented the man in front of him who was shirtless that time.

He smiled, "thanks, you too. You like really sweaty. Here take my drink."

The native offered an unopened bottle of water. Blakey, thinking the act of kindness was a gesture of hospitality in their culture, he took it and drank from it.

Then everything became very blurry.

Blakey opened his eyes. He found himself lying naked on the bed in an unfamiliar room. He got up and immediately saw his muscular body and Caucasian features in a mirror on the wall.

"You're awake!" greeted the immigration officer who was also naked and walking to him. "You missed your flight! It's the day after your schedule."

Surprisingly, Blakey did not think bad of being left. He knew he was with supposed to be with someone in that trip. But he forgot who. He figured that maybe it was not that important.

"You can stay here in my house as long as you like. As long as you let me fuck your sweet ass again," the heavy accented native told him seductively.

Blakey smirked and spread his legs wide. "Can I stay here forever so you can fuck me everyday like you did last night?"

His new lover opened another bottle of water and handed out to him. "Take a drink first. You need to be hydrated for a whole lifetime of fucking."

Blakey happily drank from the bottle. His senses went blank again.

Except for that slightly painful but extremely delightful feeling that kept penetrating in his ass.

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