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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

[SS-237] Home Brother


Lights are turning off for Garson, and he knew it. It was his fifth straight loss in his professional muai thai career. His sports manager had thrown the towel. He will no longer fight.

His sponsors have pulled out. He has spent all his earnings in gambling, girls and other games. His assets have already been taken by banks where he was indebted to.

There was no place else for him to go but home: back to the countryside and away from from the city where he had stayed from the past decade.

As he returned to their ancestral house, Garson realized that nothing much has changed. The frontyard was still full of trees. The Japanese-inspired exteriors and interiors have not changed a bit.

He went directly to the dojo part of the house. This was where his father trained him and his brother Asian martial arts. However, the patriarch's unconventional methods scared him. That is why Garson decided to move into the city and forget about his family.

"Garson," said a familiar voice.

He turned and found his older brother, Herson, in kimonos and assuming a meditative position.

Garson neared his sibling, "I have decided to come back."

"The world outside the country is too wild?" Herson presumed.

Garson shook his head, "no. City life is busy and enticing. But not wild. Not as how wild, we've been here. Especially when father was still alive."

Herson smirked, "and you missed the wilderness?"

"I am broke. I have no place else to go to but here."

Herson stood up, "father has died. I am the king of this wilderness. If you want to come back, then you know what to do."

Garson sighed. He knew this was going to happen. He knelt. He opened the lower part of the kimono. Herson's cock got out. It was as big as his father's. He knew. His mouth had known all along the curves of a king's penis.

His lips parted. He took in the hard flesh. Lessons he had forgotten started pouring back to him. So did the hunger.

Herson moaned. "Will you stay this time, brother?"

"Yes master. I will stay."

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