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Monday, December 26, 2016

[SS-233] Wine Man


"Drink sir?"

"No," Ripton growled.

"You seem rather tense."

He looked at the waiter who was asking him. The man was dressed like the other servers in that party: black slacks, bowtie and nothing else. Their torsos were all displayed.

However, this one looked the most striking of them all. Handsome and ripped.

"I don't like to be here," Ripton grumbled.

"Why? This party is rocking!" the waiter said cheerfully.

"I only came here in this flamboyant gay party because I thought my potential client for my real estate account would be here. I haven't seen him yet," Ripton explains grudgingly.

"Ouch. That must be annoying," the man cooed. Then he offered a drink in his hand, "here. Drink. This wine is good. This will relax you."

Ripton stared at the glass. He decided to get it and drink the liquid as he wanted to feel better.

Everything became hazy.

The next thing he knew, he found himself in a bedroom that was unfamiliar to him. He went out the house and at the frontyard, he found the sexy waiter standing wearing only green briefs and holding a wine.

"Hey Ripton!" he called out.

"Where am I? How did you know who I am?" Ripton stared as he walked to the man.

The waiter opened the bottle and passed it to him. "Drink this first."

In his confusion, Ripton got the bottle and drank from it. He tasted it. That something he drank from the wine last night.

The waiter was grinning at him, "what else do you want, sir?"

"Your cock," Ripton hungrily replied.

The man winked and eased his briefs down.

Ripton knelt and gobbled the cock as soon it was exposed. He knew the taste. He remembered the taste.

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